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Kunsthaus Baselland presents current exhibitions and events during Art Basel

Special opening hours during Art Basel, June 13–19, 2022
Monday to Sunday: 10am–6pm
Wednesday: 2–8pm

Anne-Lise Coste: Poem Police 
Through July 17, 2022 
The French artist Anne-Lise Coste has worked with the technique of spray painting as a way of engaging with social and political issues since the beginning of her artistic career. Whether on traditional canvas or abandoned materials – plastic bags, packaging, wooden scraps, plexiglass, tires, or textiles – she uses lines, colors, and language as a way of imbuing these materials with a new reading and giving them active power. In her comprehensive exhibition at Kunsthaus Baselland, Coste takes a close look at the fractures and double standards of contemporary society, while also exploring the possibilities for moving beyond existing constraints and towards a new sense of freedom.

As part of the exhibition, a publication has been released on June 11. 

Latifa Echakhch & Zineb Sedira: For a Brief Moment […] Several Times
Through July 17, 2022 
At a time when borders have to be fought for and defended, but an affiliation to only one nation is no longer the rule, the collaborative project between Latifa Echakhch and Zineb Sedira could not be more relevant. For a long time, the two artists have been connected by a close friendship along with a great interest in each other’s work. This year, both artists have been invited to the Venice Biennale to represent France (Zineb Sedira) and Switzerland (Latifa Echakhch). The dense trail of personal and collective memories at the Kunsthaus is first and foremost an open, almost tender invitation to the visitors to let themselves in, to settle down, marvel, imagine, and remember together—the presence and the absence of people, situations, times, (film) clips, songs, texts, smells, images. 

Zineb Sedira and Latifa Echakhch will open this year’s section of Art Basel Conversations. The artists sit down with Zoé Whitley, Director of the Chisenhale Gallery, London, to talk about their practices, their common interests, and their friendship. 

Gabrielle Goliath: This song is for…
Through July 17, 2022 
Gabrielle Goliath locates her multidisciplinary art practice within the histories and everyday experiences of black, brown, femme and queer life, and in response to the conditions of precarity and violence that continue to shape post-colonial and post-apartheid social conditions. In 2019 Goliath created a seminal installation piece titled This song is for… which asked survivors of rape to share a song of deep and personal significance, whether related to their experience of trauma or their journey of healing. This moving piece, which is now shown in Switzerland for the first time, serves as a powerful and affective act of remembrance, moulding the idea of the dedication song into a reflection of the global severity of sexual violence against women and those who don’t conform to gender norms, through the testimonies of ten individuals. In addition to this, the photographic series Berenice is also shown as a premiere at Kunsthaus Baselland.

Gabrielle Goliath will give a talk within her solo exhibition at Kunsthaus Baselland, Thursday, June 16, 6pm-7pm. 
An interview with the artist can be found in the recently released reader Listening to Artists, published by Verlag für moderne Kunst, Vienna and designed by Supersoft.

Claudia & Julia Müller: Annual Exterior Project 2022 
Through December 31, 2022 
Two bodies—encountering one another, becoming intertwined, interwoven, struggling, loving. Whether both figures come together by turning towards or away from each other remains an open question. For the ninth time, the Kunsthaus Baselland is handing over its large outdoor banner to artists for the entire year. The work for 2022 is created by the artist duo Claudia & Julia Müller. The sisters Claudia Müller and Julia Müller live in Basel and Berlin and have been working together since 1991. 

Many thanks to the sponsors of all three exhibitions: Institut Français, Ambassade de France en Suisse et au Liechtenstein, Dr. Georg und Josi Guggenheim Stiftung, Isaac Dreyfus Bernheim Stiftung, Novartis, Südkulturfonds, Rock Light and Bosshard+Co. AG and to those who wish to remain unnamed.

Many thanks to the annual partners 2022:, Gemeinde Muttenz, Burckhardt + Partner, Anthony Vischer, Marina Meijer-von Tscharner and to those who wish to remain unnamed.


The Heart
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We sincerely want to thank all artists for their contributions to Kunsthaus Baselland and their galleries for supporting this campaign. Discover all works here!

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