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Beatles’ Collaborative Masterpiece Sells for $1.7 Million

"Images of a Woman" Auctioned at Christie's, Reflecting Band's Artistic Talents

A painting created by all four members of the legendary Beatles fetched an impressive $1.7 million at Christie’s auction house. Titled “Images of a Woman,” this acrylic and watercolor artwork was produced during the band’s 1966 tour in Tokyo, Japan.

Confined to the Presidential Suite of the Hilton Hotel for safety reasons, John Lennon, Paul McCartney, Ringo Starr, and George Harrison found solace in art. Using high-quality materials gifted by visitors, they embarked on a two-day creative journey, captured by tour photographer Robert Whitaker.

The circular center of the painting, left blank due to a table lamp’s weight, became a canvas for the band members’ signatures. Despite their individual artistic backgrounds, including Lennon’s art school experience, the Beatles allowed the image to evolve naturally, without any preconceived notions.

Christie’s described “Images of a Woman” as the only substantial piece of art collectively created by the Beatles during their time together, making it an exceptional and unique item with impeccable provenance.

Initially gifted to the president of the Beatles Fan Club in Japan, the painting eventually made its way to record store owner Takao Nishino in 1989. After being consigned for sale at Philip Weiss Auctions in 2012, it found a new home through Tracks Ltd., UK, a Beatles memorabilia dealer.

The Beatles’ artistic endeavors extended beyond music, with members pursuing visual arts and photography. Lennon attended art school, while McCartney’s photographs were showcased at the National Portrait Gallery in London.