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Emma Wolf-Haugh, Domestic Optimism. Photo: Louis Haugh, 2021.

De Appel presents Emma Wolf-Haugh: Domestic Optimism

October 13–December 11, 2022 Domestic Optimism by Emma Wolf-Haugh discusses architecture from the 20th century. With regard to the shifting standards within the social, cultural, and economic evolution(s) of post-colonial western society, it specifically addresses its historical narrative and ongoing influence. Wolf-Haugh is intrigued by the moral issues that accompanied such change, particularly those arising…

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Jota Mombaça, still from waterwill (2022, work-in-progress). Video with color, sound. Courtesy the artist.


October 27, 2022–January 28, 2023 Opening reception: October 27, 5–7pm see: in the absence of place the planet’s foreigner exits any sense of geography locality is lost, not here nor there. stuck in movement (in the tide) –Jota Mombaça, excerpt from what is coming for you is only dawn (2022) The interdisciplinary artist's first solo show in the US, Jota Mombaça: THE SINKING SHIP/PROSPERITY, is…

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Sexkino Roland, 2022. Courtesy La Nouvelle Expo, Querformat and gta exhibitions, ETH Zurich.

Sexkino Roland presented by NEXPO, Querformat and gta exhibitions, ETH Zürich

October 15–November 3, 2022 Presented by NEXPO, Querformat and gta exhibitions, ETH Zürich. The cinema Kino Roland is closing. It has been a sex cinema for more than 40 years and until recently offered pornographic content, completing the range of sexual services on Zürich's Langstrasse. Through its semiotic-technical administration, it has served as a mediating institution…

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