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Independent School for the City presents 2022-2023 educational programme

The Independent School for the City is excited to reveal its brand-new academic schedule for 2022–2023! Using Rotterdam as our testing ground, we are continuing our collective investigation into the unavoidable complexity and ambiguities of the modern metropolis.

After the summer break we are starting our programme with the renowned FILM & ARCHITECTURE STUDIO which is organised in collaboration with the Architecture Film Festival Rotterdam and for which both online and offline participation is possible. We’ll continue with an education programme on the future-proof planning of housing in the Netherlands with Elma van Boxel and Kristian Koreman of ZUS, titled MINISTRY OF MAKE!, followed by THE ROTTERDAM DREAM in October—a Research by Photography studio exploring Americanism in Rotterdam, with Charlie Koolhaas. In November we are exploring alternative models for a sustainable and just city past the growth imperative with BURA urbanism during the POST GROWTH CITY studio, and we wrap up 2022 with a workshop on the activist use of the Ukrainian traditional but very now embroidery technique Vyshyvanka. Also, don’t forget the deadline (1 December 2022) to subscribe to our 3-month course in contemporary urbanism: DIRTY OLD TOWN, taking place in February, March and April 2023. This is a crash course in contemporary urbanism employing techniques from cinematography, urban sociology, narrative, architectural history, morphological research, and activism, as well as two workshops with a specific emphasis on superdiversity and the anthropocene. So, have a look at our courses and enroll! They are all accessible to people of all ages and academic backgrounds.

About the Independent School for the City

The Independent School for the City is a school in, of, and for the city. It was founded by Crimson Historians & Urbanists and ZUS (Zones Urbaines Sensibles) in 2018.

The School holds that the current wave of global problems calls for a new sort of urbanism, both as a topic of study and as a practice. It’s time to remodel and reconsider our cities. When dealing with the cities of today, we can no longer afford to divide the conceptual from the practical, the political from the technical, and the form from the substance. Different aspects of our strategy include technical innovation, new narratives, cultural identity, and physical resilience. Our program is focused on pressing issues including inequality, migration, and climate change. In conclusion, don’t allow crises bring you down. Instead, use them as motivation to wake up, act, and do good.

September 5–October 6
Looking at the city through the language of film, led by Jord den Hollander

September 22–30
A four-day programme on the future-proof planning of housing in the Netherlands

October 7–15
A Research by Photography studio exploring Americanism in Rotterdam, led by Charlie Koolhaas

November 14–18
Exploring models for a sustainable and just city with BURA urbanism

December 9–18
Learning about Vyshyvanka (Ukrainian embroidery) and using it as a form of resistance

February 6–April 28
A three-month course in contemporary urbanism, exploring the contradictions and complexities of the modern city

The Independent School for the City
Delftsestraat 33, 3rd Floor
3013 AE Rotterdam
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