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Concéntrico presents its eighth edition

September 1–6, 2022

The International Architecture and Design Festival of Logroo, Concéntrico, encourages reflection on the city and its surroundings. Concéntrico 08, the new iteration, will take place from September 1–6, 2022.

More than 100 participants will participate in the festival, along with visitors, guests, and 20 teams that will create interventions in Logroo (Spain): 23 actions, 100 chairs, workshops, encounters, activities, and exhibitions that will change the city by suggesting new communal uses that strengthen the concept of community in public space.

Installations and teams
In its seven editions since 2015, the festival has produced 91 urban works, to which the following teams will be included when they submit their proposals for Concéntrico 08 in 2022:

Konstantin Grcic, matali crasset, Izaskun Chinchilla, Associates Architecture, Piovenefabi, Tudor Vlasceanu, SKULL studio, Germane Barnes, Rintala Eggertsson Architects, BUDCUD, Tableau, Yemail Arquitectura, Pawel Grobelny, Inventaires#3, Dallas + Pool is cool, AAA, Ander López + Sarai Olabarrieta, Collective X and the Guest Schools with Gonzalo Herrero + Pati Santos – Central Saint Martins and Clara Alonso, Marta Basterra and Mikel Aguerrea – Escuela Superior de Diseño de La Rioja.

The eighth iteration of Concéntrico broadens the festival’s standard area of interest and investigates novel urban practices by taking the proposals to new locales as part of an ongoing listening process that develops to continue to spark discussions about the city as a whole.

The installation Arenas by Konstantin Grcic will lead us through Felipe VI Park near the Intermodal Station and feature three interactive features that will transform the space into a new symbol of play and interaction: a circular basketball court with nine 3-meter-high hoops; an interactive piece with 16 plastic barrels with lids; and a public swing with 20 wooden beam seats.

Dark sky, a design concept by Matali Crasset, simulates an owl that has just landed in the center of a city. The intervention will turn the 1954-built Concha del Espolón, a kiosk in the shape of an auditorium, into an intergenerational space that engages the entire community in conversation.

Among many other projects that will speak of identity, ecology, and social commitment, we will travel to Monte Cantabria with Piovenefabi to view the city from the city with the Half Void Full Moon project. We will have 100 chairs and three urban lounges designed by Izaskun Chinchilla in partnership with the residents of Logroo that will mark the low emission zone of the city.

The landscape of Concéntrico
At Concéntrico, we believe that understanding the urban requires connecting it to the environment, the landscape, and the land that gives it its unique character. With this goal in mind, we are taking things a step further in 2022 by suggesting an installation with a double location that centers on this concept. The Collective X’s the archetype of the house makes us envision a vineyard setting, which is a defining characteristic of the La Rioja and Douro regions. Via Lanciano and Quinta do Seixo, two distinctive enclaves near the Ebro and Douro rivers, have served as the inspiration for this cooperative initiative between Spain and Portugal that prioritizes respect for the terrain, sustainability, and biodiversity.

Itinerancy to Madrid
Concéntrico 08 will continue in September in Madrid with the transfer of several of its interventions to the Paseo de la Castellana, in the Nuevos Ministerios area, thanks to the involvement of the Ministry of Transport, Mobility, and the Urban Agenda. After Logroo and scheduled with the Directorate General for the Urban Agenda and Architecture. The exhibition enables the Festival to expand its analysis of urban settings and cities.
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