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Frieze announces galleries for London fair

From October 12 to 16 at The Regent’s Park, Frieze London and Frieze Masters will bring together galleries from 42 different countries to celebrate the artistic essence of the city. Over 160 of the top contemporary galleries in the world will participate in Frieze London, which is directed by Eva Langret. Under the direction of Nathan Clements-Gillespie, Frieze Masters will have more than 120 galleries showcasing artwork from antiquity to the current era.


A robust lineup of international galleries will take part in Frieze London 2022, giving attendees the chance to see the work of some of the most significant contemporary artists as well as learn about fresh talent. Focus is a segment of the show dedicated to galleries that have been operating for less than a decade.

Once more, the fair will highlight fresh perspectives that are influencing discussions about contemporary art in the present. This year’s special section, “Indra’s Net,” which is a word borrowed from Buddhist and Hindu thought and refers to an ethics of being in which one individual atom has within it the structure of reality, will be curated by Sandhini Poddar (Adjunct Curator at the Guggenheim Abu Dhabi). Poddar compares the concept to “a gigantic bejeweled net” where each node has a reflective orb that completely reflects and refracts each other orb. In a dependent origination system, every component is held within the context of the whole. Changes to one atom slightly impact the rest, and all sentient life is interrelated and interdependent.


Frieze Masters, located across the park, will bring together artwork spanning six millennia, including luminaries of the 20th century, Old Master paintings, and rare antiques, to create a venue where people may rediscover art history.

This year, Camille Morineau, co-founder and research director of AWARE – Archives of Women Artists, Research, and Exhibitions, and the AWARE team, will curate the renowned Spotlight area of Frieze Masters, which will be devoted to female artists.

The section Stand Out, curated by Luke Syson (Director of Fitzwilliam Museum, Cambridge), will be a part of Frieze Masters once again in 2021. This year’s edition will focus on the concept of Global Exchange and bring together artifacts from various eras that are outstanding examples of design, sculpture, and conceptual brilliance. Stand Out reconsiders art items frequently referred to as “decorative” or “useful” by looking past hierarchical boundaries between works of art created in various media.

More information can be found at Frieze website.