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MAM São Paulo presents 37th edition of Panorama of Brazilian Art: Under the ashes, embers

July 23, 2022–January 15, 2023

The Museum of Modern Art of So Paulo will host the 37th Panorama da Arte Brasileira (Panorama of Brazilian Art), which proposes to deconstruct naturalized paradigms in relation to colonial Brazil, beginning on July 23. This exhibition will take place during the symbolic period of Brazil’s bicentennial of independence. In contrast, this year also marks the 100th anniversary of Semana de Arte Moderna de 1922, a turning moment in Brazilian modernism that brought together artists from all over the nation to create a large, new cultural landscape.

This year’s Panorama exhibition, with the diverse curatorial team of Cauê Alves, Cristiana Tejo, Vanessa Davidson, and Claudinei Roberto da Silva, is titled Sob as cinzas, brasa (Under the ashes, embers), and it emphasizes the issues and brutalities of a nation that has not yet established itself as a civilization. This scenario is reflected in the works of artists from various generations, with ethnic, racial, and gender diversity In this season, MAM So Paulo aimed to broaden its horizons by partnering with the Museu Afro Brasil, which hosts two artists’ works.

The show seeks out structural flaws and prioritizes the pedagogical aspect of art. Still living in a pandemic world, the Panorama wants to look into how Brazilian artists have dealt with the various issues brought on by the expansionist development model implemented over the centuries.

The curatorial project was built around symbols that discreetly refer to embers, both as a symbol of resistance and as a reflection of the ambiguity of meanings, inviting a variety of viewpoints and paths of inquiry. This year’s edition, which is made up of 26 artists, includes a sizable number of newly created and commissioned pieces.

List of artists
Ana Mazzei (São Paulo, 1980—lives in São Paulo)
André Ricardo (São Paulo, 1985—lives in São Paulo)
Bel Falleiros (São Paulo, 1983—lives in New York)
Camila Sposati (São Paulo, 1972—lives in Vienna)
Celeida Tostes (Rio de Janeiro, 1929—idem, 1995)
Davi de Jesus do Nascimento (Pirapora, Minas Gerais, 1997—lives in Pirapora)
Éder Oliveira (Timboteua, PA, 1983—lives in Belém)
Eneida Sanches (Salvador, BA, 1962—lives in São Paulo, SP) and Tracy Collins (New Yor, 1963—lives in New York) (LAZYGOATWORKS)
Erica Ferrari (São Paulo, 1981—lives in São Paulo)
Giselle Beiguelman (São Paulo, 1962—lives in São Paulo)
Glauco Rodrigues (Bagé, Rio Grande, 1929—Rio de Janeiro, 2004)
Gustavo Torrezan (Piracicaba, 1984—lives between Piracicaba:, São Paulo and Castanho, AM)
Jaime Lauriano (São Paulo, 1985—lives between São Paulo and Porto, Portugal)
Lais Myrrha (Belo Horizonte, Minas Gerais, 1974—lives in São Paulo)
Laryssa Machada (Porto Alegre, Rio Grande, 1983—lives in Salvador, BA)
Lidia Lisbôa (Guaíra, Paraná, 1970—lives in São Paulo)
Luiz 83 (São Paulo, 1983—lives in São Paulo)
Marcelo D’Salete (São Paulo, 1979—lives in São Paulo)
Maria Laet (Rio de Janeiro, 1982—lives in Rio de Janeiro)
Marina Camargo (Maceió, Alagoas, 1980—lives in Berlim)
Nô Martins (São Paulo, 1987—lives in São Paulo)
RODRIGUEZREMOR (Denis Rodriguez [São Paulo, 1977—lives in Igatu, Bahia] and Leonardo Remor [Estação, Rio Grande, 1987—lives in Igatu, Bahia])
Sérgio Lucena (João Pessoa, Paraíba, 1963—lives in São Paulo)
Sidney Amaral (São Paulo, 1973—idem, 2017)
Tadáskía (Rio de Janeiro, 1993—lives between Rio de Janeiro and São Paulo)
Xadalu Tupã Jekupé (Alegrete, Rio Grande, 1985—lives in Porto Alegre, Rio Grande)

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