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Eighth edition of Barcelona Gallery Weekend 2022

September 15–18, 2022

The 33 contemporary and modern art galleries in Barcelona and its surroundings will host a diverse program of exhibitions and special events geared toward professionals and the general public during Barcelona Gallery Weekend 2022:

3 Punts Galeria: Alejandro Monge / ADN Galeria: Nicolas Daubanes, Domènec / Alalimón Galeria: Varvara & Mar Ana Mas Projects: Damaris Pan / àngels barcelona: Esther Ferrer / Artur Ramon Art: Susana Solano / Bombon Projects: Joana Escoval / Chiquita Room: Phillip Maisel / Die Ecke Arte Contemporáneo: Francisco Copello / Dilalica: Ariadna Guiteras / etHALL: Francesc Ruiz / Galería Alegría: Matthew Musgrave / Galeria Contrast: Luis Gaspar & Íñigo Navarro / Galería Cortina: Alberto Biasi, Alexander Calder, Toni Costa, Carlos Cruz-Diez, Julio Le Parc, Jesús Rafael Soto, Victor Vasarely / Galeria Joan Prats: Joan Miró, Alexander Calder, Joan Brossa, Tàpies, Christo, Ràfols Casamada, Hernández Pijuan, Perejaume, Fernando Prats, Juan Uslé, Victoria Civera, Alfons Borrell, Cabrita, Hannah Collins, José María Sicilia, Julião Sarmento, Luis Gordillo / Galeria Marc Domènech: Ana Peters / Galería Marlborough:  Irving Penn / Galería Uxval Gochez: Daniel Orson Ybarra / Galería Zielinsky: Vera Chaves Barcellos / House Of Chappaz:  Antonio Fernández Alvira, Carlos Sáez, Fito Conesa, Michael Roy, Natacha Lesueur, Vicky Uslé, Andrew Roberts, Antoine Et Manuel, Momu & No Es, Diego Del Pozo Barriuso, Christto & Andrew, Mit Borrás, Ovidi Benet, Pablo Durango / Lab 36: Miguel Ángel Madrigal / L&B Gallery: Joan ill / L21 Factory – Room 1: Lydia Gifford, L21 Factory – Room 2: Hunter Potter / Mayoral: Salvalor Dalí  / NoguerasBlanchard: Lugán / N2 Galería: Salustiano / Palmadotze: Pere Noguera / Pigment Gallery: Juan Escudero & Edouard Cabay / ProjecteSD:  Isidoro Valcárcel Medina / RocioSantaCruz: Jean Denant / Sala Parés: Guillermo Pérez Villalta / Suburbia Contemporary: Robert Pettena / Victor Lope Arte Contemporáneo: Carsten Beck.

Guided tours, concerts, discussions, seminars, and other special events will be held in the galleries as part of a full schedule of parallel activities that will complement the regular program. BGW2022 further offers:

Curated walks 
From a curatorial point of view, six local curators propose six different strolls through the galleries: Caterina AlmirallCarolina Ciuti, Claudia Elies, Beatriz EscuderoCarolina Jiménez and Rosa Lleó. Follow us in our networks to know more!

ARCO GalleryWalk

With the help of Fundación ARCO, free guided tours are offered to the participating galleries with the intention of fostering a stronger connection between the general public and the participating galleries as well as the artists. September 17–18; details and sign-up: [email protected]

BGW Familiar

The freelance curator Alexandra Laudo, the founder of Heroinas de la Cultura, has created and will be leading two gallery visits specifically geared toward families with children. September 17–18; details and sign-up: [email protected]

Professional programme: professional gatherings, social events and exclusive tours and activities aimed to collectors and art professionals for networking and to get to know Barcelona’s artistic scene.

Acquisitions programme: intended for foundations and private companies that commit to incorporate to their collections works exhibited at the participating galleries. Fundació Vila Casas, an institution dedicated to contemporary Catalan art with four exhibition spaces in Catalonia, renews its participation in this programme for the sixth consecutive year.
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