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Cukrarna Gallery presents programme highlights for summer and fall 2022

Summer and fall 2022 programme

Returning the Gaze, an exhibition including almost 60 local women artists, and Meta Grgurevi’s solo exhibition Scraping for Gold are two highlights of the Cukrarna Gallery’s summer and fall schedules. The autumn program opens with two solo exhibitions: Nowhere and Everywhere at the Same Time No. 3 by William Forsythe, and a retrospective of Michelangelo Pistoletto’s body of work.

Returning the Gaze
March 11–August 21, 2022

Nika Autor, Lela B. Njatin, Uršula Berlot Pompe, Suzana Brborović, Mateja Bučar, Jasmina Cibic, Lea Culetto, Dragica Čadež, Špela Čadež, Ksenija Čerče, Tina Dobrajc, Eclipse, Elena Fajt, Feminalz/Tatovi podob, Meta Grgurevič, Olja Grubić, Sanela Jahić, Duša Jesih, Andrea Knezović, Metka Krašovec, Ema Kugler, Tanja Lažetić, Maja Licul, Polonca Lovšin, Aprilija Lužar, Sanja Nešković Peršin, Špela Petrič, Alenka Pirman, Irena Pivka, Marjetica Potrč, Nataša Prosenc Stearns, Marija Mojca Pungerčar, Nataša Ribič, Lina Rica, Rene Rusjan, Maruša Sagadin, Duba Sambolec, Ana Sluga, Mojca Smerdu, Maja Smrekar, Saša Spačal, Zora Stančič, Robertina Šebjanič, Nika Špan, Apolonija Šušteršič, Neja Tomšič, Polona Tratnik, Milena Usenik, Aleksandra Vajd, Petra Varl, Kamila Volčanšek, Tanja Vujinović, Irena Z. Tomažin, Joni Zakonjšek, Mojca Zlokarnik, Zdenka Žido, Nataša Živković, Janja Žvegelj.

The show provides a look into the working methods and creative processes of close to 60 female artists, all of whom were either born in Slovenia or are currently based there. With the aim of shedding light on various facets of the contemporary Slovenian art scene by establishing dialogical relationships between the works of artists from different generations, all of whom use various media, practices, and approaches, the exhibition features a sizable selection of paintings, sculptures, videos, performances, interventions, and sound events, as well as an accompanying program of presentations, film screenings, lectures, and discussions.

Meta Grgurevič: Scraping for Gold
June 6–August 28, 2022

One of the motivating influences behind efforts to integrate knowledge from the domains of mechanical and electrical engineering into modern art is Grgurevi. Since 2013, she has included systems that move or utilize light effects to simulate movement into her kinetic creations. She has always been interested in these systems. A half-millimeter-sized grain of gold is used by Grgurevi to introduce her most recent work, Scraping for Gold. Six objects make up the installation, each of which represents a portion of the artist’s journey getting the gold. Numerous abandoned cell phones are discovered to be modern-day gold deposits.

William Forsythe: Nowhere and Everywhere at the Same Time, No.3
September 9–November 13, 2022

Each of the pendulums in this third rendition of the piece can be independently controlled. The 60 moving plumbs that make up the interactive installation are suspended from strings and move around the room. Forsythe choreographed the movement of the weights to create an unpredictable, shifting kinetic and sonic counterpoint that splits the area into several different pieces. The environment, which is filled with unforeseen intricacy, speaks to visitors’ senses and reflexes and guides them into a playful and unexpected ballet of constant avoidance.

Michelangelo Pistoletto
September 29, 2022–January 2023

Pistoletto was trained as a classical painter, but early in his career he became very interested in the conceptual aspects of painting. This featured the utilization of readily available materials like tissue paper and mirrors, which assisted in establishing the Arte Povera movement’s foundation. In his later works, Pistoletto envisioned art playing a bigger part in society and politics, drawing inspiration from the socially and politically conscious experimental theatre of the time. These aimed to transform the human environment while working with many different collaborators and spanning disciplinary barriers by including music, theater, and installation into the visual art elements.

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