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Emanuel Swedenborg’s Lusthus: A Journey Through Place, Dwelling, and Thought

Immersive Exhibition Explores the Enigmatic Eighteenth-Century House and Its Influence on Art and Literature
Swedenborg’s Lusthus
on memory and place
January 29–April 5, 2024

Opening and book launch: January 27, 4–8pm, and a Q&A with Chloe Aridjis, Daniel Birnbaum, Deborah Levy, Iain Sinclair and others

Stockholm’s Skansen open-air museum houses a unique and enigmatic eighteenth-century house known as Emanuel Swedenborg’s Lusthus. Part reliquary, sanctum, and tourist attraction, the Lusthus has long captivated visitors with its intriguing history and unique spatial conditions.

Now, a new immersive and multi-media exhibition at the Swedenburg House Gallery delves into the captivating world of the Lusthus, exploring its relationship to place, dwelling, and the modes of our thinking. Featuring new works by renowned artists, writers, and filmmakers, the exhibition promises a journey through time and imagination.

Among the featured artists is Bridget Smith, whose works explore the interplay of light and shadow within the Lusthus. Anonymous Bosch contributes haunting and evocative photographs that capture the house’s mysterious atmosphere. Daniel Birnbaum, Chloe Aridjis, Peter Cartwright, John Christie, Mark Riley, Iain Sinclair, and Ben Wickey also contribute their unique perspectives, creating a rich tapestry of artistic interpretations.

The exhibition also includes previously unseen artifacts from the collection at Swedenborg House, providing a glimpse into the life and work of the renowned Swedish scientist, theologian, and mystic. Visitors can immerse themselves in the Lusthus’s rich history and cultural significance, gaining a deeper understanding of its enduring fascination.

Curated by Stephen McNeilly, a leading scholar on Swedenborg and director of Swedenborg House, the exhibition promises a thought-provoking and inspiring experience. It invites visitors to contemplate the relationship between place, dwelling, and the ways in which our surroundings shape our thoughts and actions.

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