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SIDEBAR conversation series welcomes Chicago Abortion Fund at the Gray Center for Arts and Inquiry

October 20, 2022, 6pm

The Chicago Abortion Fund’s groundbreaking research project, “Shaping Change,” a qualitative investigation of 99 callers’ experiences obtaining abortion care in Illinois during the epidemic, will be discussed at an evening event hosted by the Richard and Mary L. Gray Center for Arts and Inquiry. Aalap Bommaraju, Olivia Dockery, Joanna Preston, Alexis Prewitta, and Megan Jeyifo, the executive director of the Chicago Abortion Fund, are among the speakers from the research team of the fund. The public is welcome to attend the free event. Food and beverages will be provided. This place requires advanced registration.

Please consider contributing a donation to the Chicago Abortion Fund here.

The Chicago Abortion Fund’s mission

The Chicago Abortion Fund’s goal is to promote reproductive justice and autonomy for all people by offering financial, practical, and emotional support to those who need abortion services, as well as by developing partnerships and collective power for political and cultural change. The Chicago Abortion Fund envisions a world in which everyone has the freedom and liberty to build healthy, safe, and happy lives, families, and communities, and where all reproductive options, including abortion, are available and supported.

Direct service

Over 80% of our grantees in the first three months of 2022 were from outside of the state. The Chicago Abortion Fund receives calls from more than 500 people each month asking for assistance in getting access to care, and we always answer the phone. Through our connections with more than 55 clinics spread across seven states in the Midwest, The Chicago Abortion Funds provides assistance to individuals. We offer financial support for appointments, wrap-around services, and daily necessities like food, gas, and accommodation. The Chicago Abortion Fund offers assistance by recommending clinics, providing insurance advice, and handling other practical matters. Every step of the way, The Chicago Abortion Fund follows up with its callers. The majority of the callers to the Chicago Abortion Fund are still from states other than Illinois. All 50 states are supported by the Chicago Abortion Fund (CAF), which also provides financing, case management, and connections to other abortion funds for anybody who contacts us. We work to remove barriers like state boundaries, bans, and limitations that prevent people from getting the care they need. Along with our dedication to those receiving care in Illinois, we also work with regional sibling funds to provide case management and practical help.

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