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Call for applications 2022: practice-based research course and scholarships at Transart Institute

Three weekly online sessions will be held by Transart Institute to discuss what creative research is, does, and can be. By participating in our online discussion and receiving the big picture from our team of knowledgeable practice-based research experts, you may clarify your creative orientation and prepare for your practice-based PhD or MFA. After honing your ideas in our tried-and-true proposal development workshop, return and receive one-on-one feedback on your draft proposal.

Give yourself the luxury of allowing your ideas the time to unfold and emerge through reflection on your practice, and start to prepare for your doctoral or masters project now. More information here. These sessions are free.

Session one: Friday, October 28, 2–3:30pm UTC
“What is Creative Research?”— A discussion forum and primer online. Participate in a roundtable discussion and Q&A session with Transart’s Head of Doctoral Studies, Dr. Michael Bowdidge, and other guests to learn more about the organization’s distinctive approach to creative research. Discover the fundamental ideas that guide practically all fields of practice-based research and discover how your creative work may support this important and time-sensitive international undertaking.

Session two: Friday, November 4, 2–4:30pm UTC
“Entwining the Threads”—a workshop for developing research proposals online (eight places maximum). The questions that are at the core of each of our unique creative processes serve as the foundation for every successful practice-based doctoral research project. Although it may seem simple, this is the key to making sure that your project is both cognitively challenging and retains its creative vitality. With the aid of this workshop, you will be able to unlock and launch your creative research topic and develop a research proposal that will truly reflect the essence of what you do. So join us for this event and let your creative practice reveal its research potential.

Session three: Friday, November 18, 8am–4:30pm UTC
One-to-one feedback on your proposal ​(choose a 30-minute slot). Request individualized input on your draft proposal from Dr. Michael Bowdidge, Head of Doctoral Studies at Transart. Receive timely, useful, and pertinent comments that will assist you in developing the voice of your project, improving your creative research proposal, and getting ready to start graduate research in creative practice.

Read more here. Sign up for the session/s you wish to attend here.

About Transart

Your artistic practice merges with writing and contemplation in Transart’s two ground-breaking MFA and PhD programs to produce rigorous and original research—in other words, your practice is the research. Our intuitive, responsive courses offer a once-in-a-lifetime chance to understand and investigate the fundamental issues that inform your creative work. Your time in the program will also change the way you practice and make you more aware of its potential, leading to a significant contribution to the body of knowledge in your subject and enhancing your position in the academic employment market. An integrated thesis that includes a presentation, exhibition, publishing, reading, performance, screening, or other kinds of distribution will be submitted as the result of your research.

Connect with us to discuss your goals, the admissions process, course structure or any other questions.
MFA: Susie Quillinan, Head of Masters Studies, mfa [​at​] or book a zoom conversation with her here.
PhD: Dr Michael Bowdidge, Head of Doctoral Studies, bowdidge [​at​] or book a zoom conversation with him here.

November 15
: Early application (with pre-flight scholarships) deadline.
Submit an MFA Expression of Interest (EOI) here.
Submit a PhD Expression of Interest (EOI) here.