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Open call for Rundgang 50Hertz at Hamburger Bahnhof—Museum für Gegenwart—Berlin

Deadline: October 15

The Rundgang 50Hertz is a project that aids recent fine arts/visual arts graduates from arts academies. It is based on a partnership that 50Hertz, the operator of the transmission system, and the Nationalgalerie am Hamburger Bahnhof—Museum für Gegenwart—Berlin started in 2017. A documentary video and a catalogue about the creative processes of young artists are displayed at the Hamburger Bahnhof and made digitally available through the project website.

In the scope of this cooperation enabled by 50Hertz, we are inviting you to participate in the following limited call for participation. In 2022–23:

Displacement as an aesthetic strategy

To apply, alumni of arts academies must address displacement in their artistic work using a transdisciplinary perspective. The movement of an object from one location or context to another is referred to as displacement. What happens to a thing if it shows up somewhere it doesn’t normally belong? What justifies that location? What significance does it have at its current location and what significance does it gain by moving to the new location? What transpires in its new surroundings? And what transpires in the viewer who discovers the new context?

The topic is extensively discussed in the context of cultural artifact restitution. However, it can be interpreted in a variety of ways and also understood as an artistic methodology: displacement of the art object, displacement of the audience, displacement of the exhibition space, or more fundamentally, displacement as a universal fact of the modern era (for instance, migratory movements). Both a natural event and a mental condition, displacement exists simultaneously. The submitted artistic piece should display a facet of these issues.

The University of the Arts and Weißensee Academy of Art in Berlin, the Academy of Fine Arts in Leipzig, and the University of Fine Arts in Hamburg are accepting final projects from graduates, master students, and graduands who have completed their studies in the specialized field of fine arts/visual arts in the summer of 2022. The press are all invited.

The Rundgang 50Hertz project is curated by Melanie Franke. The project is promoting young talent, stands for diversity, equal opportunity and inclusion; we encourage people with disabilities to apply.

Hamburger Bahnhof—Museum für Gegenwart—Berlin
Invalidenstrasse 50/51
10557 Berlin
Hours: Tuesday–Friday 10am–6pm,
Thursday 10am–8pm,
Saturday–Sunday 11am–6pm