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Call for professors at Karlsruhe University of Arts and Design

August 31–September 30, 2022

The 1992-founded Staatliche Hochschule für Gestaltung (HfG) Karlsruhe, a University of Arts and Design, will begin a new phase in 2022 with the hiring of up to five new professors. High-profile designers, artists, and theorists who want to participate in this process of group transformation and evolution are what we are seeking for.

In the fields of media art, communication and product design, exhibition design & scenography, art theory & media philosophy, HfG Karlsruhe offers five study programs and seven degrees.

The following positions are to be filled as soon as possible and will begin in or after the winter semester 2022/2023 or at the latest with the summer semester 2023:

Professorship for Digital Aesthetics (m/f/d) (permanent, W3 pay grade, 100 percent)

We are searching for a person who explores the technological and historical roots of contemporary digital culture, has a global network, and has a track record of accomplishment in research and education. The professorship places a special emphasis on the tipping point that was reached with the global networking of digital technologies and with the automation of processes (such as in the areas of data analysis and artificial intelligence), leading to new media geographies, ecologies, and economies and having a significant impact on knowledge and science.

Professorship for Moving Image and Fictional Form (m/f/d) (permanent, W3 pay grade, 100 percent)

The HfG Karlsruhe is seeking a creative filmmaker with a worldwide reputation, a persuasive argument for the value of using film as a language, and a track record of successful fictional storytelling. The candidate should be open to novel narrative techniques, the difficulties of filmmaking in the digital age, and its place in relation to modern art.

Professorship for Media Art with a focus on Code & Image (m/f/d) (permanent, W3 pay grade, 100 percent)

The HfG Karlsruhe is a center for media art that engages with cutting-edge technological advancements, particularly in the area of digital media, and investigates the corresponding range of technical and philosophical foundations.

This professorship focuses on the creative application of light-based (photographic) image processes that interact with a broad range of analog and digital techniques. It is desirable to adopt a critical mindset when examining imaging procedures and the underlying hierarchies of their creation and reception. The Media Art Department is looking for a person with a modern artistic profile, a wide network, and significant professional experiences, as well as the ability to integrate these skills with a unique educational perspective.

Professorship for Communication Design and Visual Literacy (m/f/d) (max. duration six years, W3 pay grade, 66 percent)

Professorship for Communication Design and Digital Practices (m/f/d) (max. duration six years, W3 pay grade, 66 percent)

The two professorships are supported by non-tariff employment contracts with a three-year initial term and a potential three-year extension.

Today, communication design involves not just a comprehensive technical expertise but also an in-depth knowledge of collaborative processes. Digital technologies are growing more complex and interconnected. Web technology, 3D graphics, distributed publishing, and the creation of virtual worlds are all integrated into an enlarged digital practice to produce intricate and poetic digital systems.

In light of this, the Communication Design Department seeks globally renowned individuals with a current artistic and pedagogical approach, a sizable network, and demonstrated professional experience, with a particular interest in the design aspects of digital practice or the role of Visual Literacy.

All candidates must fully represent their respective fields in research, the arts, and teaching across all programs of study in a multidisciplinary institution.

A detailed description of the positions as well as the study programs of HfG can be found here.

Please apply online.