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Call for applications 2023: Dessau Summer School of Architecture

Application deadline: February 28

Dessau Summer School of Architecture (DessArc) invites applications for 2023 summer school. The application deadline for the program, which will take place between June 5 and July 14, is February 28, 2023.

The Dessau Summer School of Architecture (DessArc), located in Dessau-Rosslau, Germany, draws its thematic focus from the importance of Bauhaus Dessau in the history of architecture. Parts of the course are taught at Bauhaus Dessau.

Participants from many countries engage in an architectural debate on a review of modernity in architecture at the Dessau Summer School of Architecture. To that end, the program’s components situate current architectural and design innovations in connection to the history of modernity and its physical manifestations.

The Dessau Summer School of Architecture begins with a workshop in the Bauhaus Aula, co-hosted by the Bauhaus Dessau Foundation, on the mutual relationships between Education and Design. As a result, the Studio is inextricably linked to this context. Bauhaus will be 104 years old in 2023, and you will be a part of it! In the workshop, we will concentrate on one of Bauhaus’ most important themes: Cultural Transfer.

Cultural transfer is served by architectural building typologies other than music halls, museums, and theaters. Architectures on a much smaller scale, especially for one-on-one contact, can meet all requirements: from the artists performing a show, to the public who wants to participate, and—of course—the purpose of making money. At their best, these structures even provide a place for artists to rest and relax.

Within the studio, we will begin researching both historical and modern instances. In this setting, what role does architecture play? What role does materiality play in its details and function? Should designers anticipate typical user behavior during the design process, or should the user become an important part of this process?

As a studio assignment, we will design a building that meets all of these requirements. By doing so, we will reach a creative and well-founded position in relation to the historic Bauhaus—in its 104th year!

One of the most significant aspects of studying at Anhalt University will be learning more about Germany, its geography, and language. As a result, students will enroll in a specific language class to learn and practice their German language abilities. Students will go on excursions for the Architecture and Society and Art classes.