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Bauhaus Dessau Foundation/Yvonne Tenschert. UI mockup animation on the basis of a design by Offshore Studio 2022.

Schools of Departure: digital atlas developed by the Bauhaus Dessau Foundation

Launch event: November 16, 10am The Bauhaus Dessau Foundation has been working on a digital atlas called Schools of Departure that compiles research on the global linkages between Bauhaus pedagogy and reform initiatives in art and design education during the 20th century. Schools of Departure suggests a dynamic constellation of instructional strategies rather than presuming the…

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Courtesy of Bauhaus Earth.

Bauhaus Earth presents Towards Re-Entanglement: A Charter for the City and the Earth

Initiated by Bauhaus Earth, Towards Re-Entanglement: A Charter for the City and the Earth offers guiding principles for the healthy re-entanglement of human activity with the Earth’s natural systems and the transformation of the construction industry from a driver of the climate crisis, into a regenerative force. Today’s unprecedented crises are an opportunity to restore…

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