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Ornamenta 2024 Transforms Northern Black Forest with Art and Design

The quinquennial event, from July to September, features site-specific exhibitions and public installations, uniting local and international artists.

A quinquennial for contemporary art and design in Germany’s Black Forest
July 5–September 29, 2024

Ornamenta, the regional quinquennial for arts and design in Germany’s Northern Black Forest, returns from July to September 2024. Since its inception in 1989, Ornamenta has evolved into a dynamic platform for contemporary cultural development through site-specific exhibitions, public installations, and engaging events.

Set across the Northern Black Forest’s scenic cities—Pforzheim, Calw, Bad-Wildbad, Nagold, Mühlacker, and Maulbronn—Ornamenta invites local citizens, neighbors, and international visitors to explore the region through unique exhibition routes. Known for its natural beauty and rich industrial heritage, the area will host five thematic neighborhoods, or “Gemeinden,” each addressing significant local and European topics: Schmutzige Ecke, Zum Eros, Inhalatorium, Bad Databrunn, and Solartal.

These neighborhoods will explore a wide range of issues, from clean air and sunshine to social taboos and technology. Ornamenta serves as a meeting ground for local communities and international creatives, fostering partnerships and presenting new ideas to the region’s industries.

The event features five thematic exhibitions, public art installations, and a variety of events such as listening sessions, tasting events, talks, and performances. Curated by Jules van den Langenberg, Katharina Wahl, and Willem Schenk, Ornamenta 2024 emphasizes long-term regional development and emerging talent.

Local museums, heritage sites, and art collectors collaborate with European artists to create site-specific works, offering fresh perspectives on the region. Highlights include public artworks that blend craft and technology, such as an installation emitting rainbows over the river Enz and a reconfigured park from local materials.

Key contributors include artists Yvonne Dröge Wendel (Netherlands), Veronika Sedlmair (Germany) & Brynjar Sigurðarson (Iceland), and many more, supported by various institutions and companies. The program also features projects providing new societal perspectives, such as a historical pharmacy garden installation and a water bar for educational purposes.

Regional retailers and entrepreneurs partner with international designers to create innovative products, like the Black Forest Cake cocktail, showcased in a series of tasting events. Participating designers and companies include Diane Hillebrand (Germany), Tatjana Stürmer (Germany), and the BINDER Group (Germany).

Ornamenta’s venues include Reuchlinhaus Pforzheim, Matthäuskirche Pforzheim, and several other significant locations. Tickets are priced at 10 EUR for a day pass, 27 EUR for a weekend pass, and 50 EUR for a season pass, with free admission for those under 18.

Ornamenta was first held in 1989, focusing on jewelry and video art. Thirty-five years later, Ornamenta 2024 continues this tradition, bringing together diverse perspectives on art, design, culture, and commerce.

World Hope Forum Germany: 
July 6, 3–6pm, virtual symposium on the future of wellness

Schmutzige Ecke Sunday Services: 

July 14, August 11, September 8, 10am–12pm, series of panel discussions on waste, circularity, and care
Matthäus Church, Oosstraße 1, 75179 Pforzheim