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ARKO Art Center presents Local in the Making

November 18, 2022–January 21, 2023

ARKO Art Center presents thematic group exhibition "Local in the Making" from November 18, 2022 to January 21, 2023.

The thematic exhibition Local in the Making at ARKO Art Center seeks to redefine locality by moving away from the fixed definition of local and toward a process in which multiple social ties converge for transformation and generation. Such concepts are founded on the values of solidarity and caring, a multifaceted approach to living, and a change toward a new understanding of changing locations. It will also investigate various forms of generating and increasing locality through various types of initiatives based on temporary artistic partnerships. It entails intervening as an artistic activity in the lives and cultures of people living in places other than their own, as well as new contacts and solidarity with neighbors based on a region. Furthermore, certain media promote the preservation of a region’s cultural values, while an artificial community is temporarily constructed to explore community issues through artistic activities.

It will offer visitors the opportunity to artistically approach a locality that encompasses the situations and issues of not just a specific area but also its surroundings, as well as the various emotions surrounding it, through the recomposition of locality where an assortment of relationships intersect and are formed. Using this strategy, viewers are expected to be able to develop relationships with others outside of physical places or create a temporary community in which emotional solidarity is feasible, all while investigating methods for social intervention to sustain life.

Arko Art Center, Arts Council Korea
3 Dongsung-gil, Jongno-gu
Gallery 1
03087 Seoul
South Korea
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