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Seeking exhibition proposals for apexart’s NYC Open Call

Application period: October 1–31, 2022, 11:59pm

From October 1–1, 2022, apexart will be taking exhibition submissions for its NYC Open Call. As part of its 2023–24 exhibition season, apexart will turn five of the winning proposals into exhibitions that will be displayed at its NYC location. No matter their location or level of experience, curators, artists, writers, and other creative people are encouraged to submit a proposal online.

The submission process

Group exhibition proposals should be specific, concept-driven, and creative. No CVs, links, biographical information, or photographs will be accepted. Submissions must be in English and cannot be more than 500 words. Instead of evaluating bids based on well-known names or prior accomplishments, jurors evaluate proposals based on their content and the organizer’s communication skills. Check out some previous winners here.

The selection process

Apexart’s crowd-sourced voting mechanism enables hundreds of jurors to independently assess proposals rather than assembling a tiny panel to do so. The proposals will be voted on by a worldwide jury of more than 600 people from a wide range of professional backgrounds, including students at more than 20 foreign universities. To ensure that every proposal receives the same treatment, submissions are made anonymously and randomly. The jury’s verdicts are not in any way influenced by the apexart personnel.

The results

Each of the five winning concepts will get a $10,000 display budget, staff assistance, and inclusion in the 2023–2024 exhibition season at apexart. Curators will translate their original ideas into apexart exhibitions by working closely with the team. It is anticipated, encouraged, and a challenge for exhibition curators to work within the budget constraints to turn their winning proposals into compact, notable shows.

To submit an exhibition proposal, visit between October 1–31, 2022.

291 Church Street
New York, NY 10013
Hours: Tuesday–Saturday 1–6pm

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