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Lori Field: Tiger Tarot at Montclair Art Museum

September 10, 2022–January 1, 2023

The multidisciplinary exhibition Lori Field: Tiger Tarot showcases tarot cards that the Montclair native artist drew in the early stages of the Covid-19 pandemic. Field, who is well-known for her enigmatic contemporary fairytales in a variety of media, frequently uses a cast of human and animal hybrids to examine themes of identity, vulnerability, and spirituality. Her characters, who are mainly female or androgynous, act as antagonists or narrators in Field’s enigmatic invented worlds. Using physical, animalistic qualities to imply internal, human conflicts and motives, these animalistic creatures also offer a way to demonstrate emotive personification.

With the tiger as her talisman, Field envisions her tarot as representing a subversive and emerging feminine concept of power. Of her Tiger Tarot, Field states, “tigers are symbolic of a fierce, true inner capacity to survive and rule over their own nature […] They take the chaos of the world and create their own space that is protective, and royal.” For Field, the tiger is a bridge between past civilizations and our own time.

The art of tarot has developed over the past six centuries from card games to the interpretation of symbols to portray the past, present, and future. Field reinterprets the conventional tarot cards in her own tarot deck, which she created with a unique cast of characters and symbols to elicit fresh insights into the contemporary world. The exhibition, which Kathy Imlay, a guest curator, organized, includes more than 60 works of art in twelve different media. Lori Field: Tiger Tarot strives to take the observer on a divinatory trip that is simultaneously hilarious, irreverent, poetic, and profound.

Lori Field: Tiger Tarot will open at the Montclair Art Museum on September 10, 2022, and remain in the Weston and Elevator Lobby Galleries until January 1, 2023.

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