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3rd Geneva Biennale—Sculpture Garden

June 10–September 30, 2022

Opening: June 9, 6–10pm
Villa La Grange, Parc La Grange

The Geneva Biennale—Sculpture Garden, now in its third year, focuses on contemporary artists who examine our interactions with others and ourselves in an increasingly uncertain environment. More than 30 artists from Brazil, Germany, Kuwait, the United States, Belgium, Senegal, and Mexico have collected around 26 projects, more than half of which are new works created specifically for the exhibition. The latter was created during a very tumultuous moment, and it clearly shows the artists’ concerns, as well as their commitment to the world in which we live.Ecology, new technology, cultural and gender identities, and knowledge sharing are just a few of the numerous themes presented by their work, all of which keep us returning to the same fundamental and always open question: how can we live together?

The pandemic has had a dramatic impact on our way of life during the last two years, dissolving our physical connections in favor of dizzying virtual ties. Despite the fact that it has isolated us, the virus has ironically demonstrated that we are a worldwide connected community by inoculating one person after another. Today, a war on Europe’s borders painfully reminds us of our societies’ interdependence, whose economic, political, and military affairs have a direct impact on our daily lives. Large movements for greater social and environmental justice are succeeding in rallying citizens on a worldwide scale and advocating alternative ways of living together despite the backdrop of continual crisis.These challenges to the prevailing discourse, as well as the resultant reconfigurations of our social fabric, are major issues in today’s culture, in which digital technology plays a significant role.

From reunions with family and friends to sports outings or romantic dates, from reconnecting with nature or with oneself to parties or school excursions, the Parc La Grange, Parc des Eaux-Vives, and its nearby beach provide privileged spaces to meet and exchange; from reunions with family and friends to sports outings or romantic dates, These spaces, above all, are shared spaces, where not only affinities, but also differences and divergences, are articulated. The artists selected to show in these specialized spaces explore the tensions that exist in public spaces, as well as their potential for emancipation. The breadth of their proposals–which include design, architecture, video, photography, writing, and more–evidences how art is always reinventing itself in light of modern concerns.

Curator: Devrim Bayar

The Geneva Biennale—Sculpture Garden was founded and organized by artgenève in collaboration with the MAMCO and the City of Geneva with the goal of establishing itself as a major summer artistic event for the region, providing Geneva, its residents, and its many national and international visitors with a free high-quality outdoor exhibition throughout the summer.