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2022 Drawing Prize highlights from the Daniel & Florence Guerlain Contemporary Art Foundation

The 2022 Prize found itself once again in the Salon du dessin, showing from May 17–23, the works from the three artists nominated by the selection committee:  Olga Chernysheva, Russian artist, born in 1962, Chloe Piene, American artist, born in 1972, Gert & Uwe Tobias, German artists, born in 1973 in Romania

On May 19, the artists were able to present their work to the members of the jury in front of their drawings.

Following this presentation, the members of the jury: Nassib Abou-Khalil from Lebanon, Joe Battat from Canada, Laura Ningzheng from China, Bimpe Nkontchou from Nigeria, Laurent Boillot, Laurence Danon, Pierre Rainero and Florence and Daniel Guerlain from France awarded the Daniel & Florence Guerlain Foundation’s 15th Drawing Prize to Olga Chernysheva

The announcement was made on the same day at the Salon du Dessin by Florence & Daniel Guerlain.

The laureate receives an endowment of 15,000 EUR and the two other selected artists 5,000 EUR each. A work by the winner will be offered to the Musée National d’Art Moderne, Paris by the Foundation.

Olga Chernysheva transcribes scenes of everyday life. She has a lot to say about the present era, while astutely criticising today’s societies… As a child, Chernysheva travelled a lot with her parents in express trains and was struck by the sight of ghostly silhouettes looming up on platforms of non-stopping stations in small towns destined to decline. From then on, she has liked to observe life—first of animals, then of human beings—in minute detail. She depicts a world with which we think we are familiar, but which reveals a hidden, silent strangeness. “Objects that seem simple to us may appear out of reach and baffle definition. What we have before our eyes all the time may be the most intriguing,” she says. She jots down compositions in sketchbooks that she has never shown to anybody; she takes photographs or uses images found on the Internet. But the photos are merely a source, whose poses and proportions she then modifies, so that realism is tinged with a hint of absurdity… Extract from the text by Marie Maertens.

She is represented by the galleries: Iragui (Moscow) and Foxy Production (New York).

About the Daniel & Florence Guerlain Foundation’s Drawing Prize
This prize is reserved for French and foreign artists, whether they live in France or not, but who sustain a privileged cultural link with France, and for whom drawing constitutes a significant part of their work.

Awarded for the first time in 2007 and biennial until 2009, the Prize honours artists who make any unique work on paper, using graphic means: crayon, charcoal, red chalk, ink, wash tint, gouache, watercolour, pastels and felt… including collages and wall drawings but excluding computer and mechanical processes.

The candidates are selected by a committee composed of the two founders, Daniel and Florence Guerlain, and of six members chosen for their competence in contemporary art. Following a working meeting with the artists, visits to studios and analysis, the committee selects three artists whose work is presented to a jury that changes with each prize and chooses the winner.

The prize receives the support of the Daniel & Florence Guerlain Foundation’s Cercle des Amis, La Maison Guerlain, Neuflize OBC, Artcurial,  Artprice by, Voisin Consulting Life Sciences, Groupe Élysées Monceau, Groupe Pasteur Mutualité, the Salon du Dessin, Beaux-Arts de Paris, La Maison Champagne Ruinart.

Past winners: Silvia Bächli, Switzerland (2007), Sandra Vásquez de la Horra, Chile (2009), Catharina Van Eetvelde, Belgium (2010), Marcel Van Eeden, Netherlands (2011), Jorinde Voigt, Germany (2012), Susan Hefuna, Germany (2013), Tomasz Kowalski, Poland (2014), Jockum Nordström, Sweden (2015), Cameron Jamie, United States (2016), Ciprian Muresan, Romania (2017), Mamma Andersson, Sweden (2018), Claire Morgan, Irland (2019), Juan Uslé, Spain (2020), Françoise Pétrovitch, Fance (2021).

Contact: Daniel & Florence Guerlain Contemporary Art Foundation, T +33 (0)6 44 13 99 14, [email protected].

Salon du Dessin
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