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PHI Foundation for Contemporary Art presents Yayoi Kusama: DANCING LIGHTS THAT FLEW UP TO THE UNIVERSE

July 6, 2022–January 15, 2023

The PHI Foundation for Contemporary Art is proud to offer Yayoi Kusama: DANCING LIGHTS THAT FLEW UP TO THE UNIVERSE in honor of its 15th anniversary.

Yayoi Kusama, who was born in Matsumoto, Japan, in 1929, is one of the most well-known living modern artists today. She has created painting, sculpture, installation, drawing, and video throughout the last seven decades, as well as performance, fashion, design, literature, and immersive works like her famous Infinity Mirrored Rooms. These works have drew large audiences worldwide over the previous ten years, bolstered by social media and the artist’s fame. Beyond the intense media attention around the installations, Kusama’s work has consistently dealt with the grandeur of the cosmic universe and her — and our — place within it: a concept that is both unsettling and enthralling.

Visitors will be introduced to the artist’s spiritual and intellectual depth through this display. Kusama has been exploring the conceptual and formal aspects of phenomenology and immersion in her work since her early ventures into painting, sculpture, and performance. Kusama’s landscapes provide analog experiences that both locate viewers within and beyond our realities at a time when the digital and virtual have swamped our perceptions. Three of her distinctive bronze pumpkin sculptures in various sizes will be on display in Montréal, as well as two new “peep-in” mirrored rooms, a grid of her bright My Eternal Soul paintings, and two spectacular Infinity Mirrored Rooms. The show’s title, Infinity Mirrored Room—DANCING LIGHTS THAT FLEW UP TO THE UNIVERSE (2019), is made up of hanging light globes that switch hues before abruptly falling dark. For a brief while, the observer is immersed in darkness before the luminous spheres slowly flicker back on, resuming a cycle comparable to life and rebirth.

A reading room featuring a historical timeline of the artist’s life and career will be included in the display. Kusama’s work has made significant contributions to the history of art, and she continues to be a major figure in modern art. Her corpus of work provides solace and tranquility throughout this tough and turbulent time, which is exacerbated by the solitude and uncertainty of the previous two years.

This will be the artist’s first solo show in the province of Québec. We expect this to be a widely anticipated event for residents of Montréal and Québec, as well as a major magnet for local and international tourists. ts.

While admission is free, a reservation for timed entry is necessary to ensure minimal wait times and a pleasant experience while visiting the exhibition.

With special thanks to Yayoi Kusama and the team at David Zwirner and Ota Fine Arts.

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