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Open call: stadt.raum.experimente by the Kunstkommission Düsseldorf

Proposal deadline: October 15, 2022, 11:59pm

About stadt.raum.experimente

The City of Düsseldorf’s Kunstkommission (Art Commission) is introducing a new format this year with the goal of promoting modern art in public settings. With stadt.raum.experimente, both regionally and globally recognized artists are invited to create experimental and transient ideas for Düsseldorf’s urban environment. Stadt.raum.experimente is open to unconventional forms and experimental ideas, whether they take the shape of installation, performance, or participation.

The city actively participates in shaping future developments, such as those involving sustainable practices, by funding artistic initiatives in public spaces that reflect the condition and processes of change in the city. Projects may tackle socially significant subjects.

Each year, there are up to 120,000 EUR available. Each project can receive up to 60,000 EUR in funding. It’s feasible to get additional funding from outside sources.

The framework conditions and the documents to be submitted can be found here.

Jury session
The jury meeting will take place about 6 weeks after the end of the submission deadline. The jury decision will be communicated to the applicants in writing and does not have to be justified by the jury.

You can apply here.

About the Kunstkommission Düsseldorf

Public art or art in architecture shapes communities, makes for distinctive spaces, encourages neighborhood identification, and is fundamental to contemporary urban culture and urban growth.

Due of this, the Kunstkommission Düsseldorf was established in North Rhine-Westphalia, Germany, in 2018. Since that time, the local political bodies have received advice from a panel of experts made up of artists, art historians, architects, urban planners, and politicians on potential projects, artistic formats, building project locations, the type of selection process, the artists to be invited, and ultimately the artistic ideas to be realized. The goal is to make a variety of aesthetic expressions possible in public areas, frequently in association with brand-new construction projects. Additionally, the Kunstkommission creates original projects and forms to hone the perception of art in public spaces and to raise the profile of the city.The members of the Kunstkommission, which is supported in its work by an own agency, are elected every three years.

Kunstkommission Düsseldorf
Geschäftsstelle der Kunstkommission
Zollhof 13
40221 Düsseldorf

[email protected]