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Magnum presents Exploring Istanbul with Emin Özmen and Cloé Kerhoas Workshop

April 24–29, 2023 or May 02–07, 2023

In 2023, the workshop will be held twice, the first from April 24-29 and the second from May 2-7.

For centuries, Istanbul has captivated and inspired painters and authors. With this in mind, Magnum is thrilled to host two 6-day workshops with Turkish photographer Emin Özmen and Photo Editor Cloé Kerhoas for the second year in a row. You will spend six days exploring the city while photographically focusing on a theme of your choice.

On the first day, Özmen and Kerhoas will lead a tour of the city to familiarize visitors with Istanbul’s history, cultural sites, and districts. After spending the first day as a group, you will work independently to capture your chosen subject. Everyone will meet at the start of each day to check over each other’s work and to discuss and get feedback and advise. Cloé Kerhoas will provide a professional practice lecture on the fourth day of the course, including tips on contacting editors, obtaining money for photo projects, and developing a web presence. The workshop’s last day will be dedicated to editing and sequencing your work.


Day 1
09:00–10:00: Welcome, introductions
10:00–14:00: Walk around different neighborhoods of the city with Emin Özmen and Cloé Kerhoas
14:00–16:00: Come back and share ideas

Day 2
10:00–11:30: Presentation on visual storytelling by Emin Özmen
11:30 –14:00: Group crits

Day 3
10:00–13:00: Group crits

Day 4
10:00–14:00: Presentation by Cloé Kerhoas on publishing your work

Day 5
10:00–15:30: Group crits

Day 6
10:00–18:00: Editing, and sequencing the work done during the workshop

Workshop location:

Fujifilm Karaköy Training Center, Karaköy, Istanbul.

The price of this workshop is: 

Early birds (until 1st March): £900 (incl. VAT)

Regular: £1000 (incl. VAT)

The workshop is open to photographers of all levels, from passionate amateurs to working professionals who want to further refine their skills.


Thanks to the generous support of Fujifilm Turkey, Magnum Photos is happy to offer two scholarships for this workshop, 

The scholarships will be given to a photography student and to a non-photography student and are open to Turkish photographers and photographers living in Turkey, regardless of their nationality.

The successful candidates will be selected by Emin Özmen, a representative of Fujifilm Turkey and of Magnum Photos. The selection will be based on the quality of the work submitted.

Apply here.

Deadline to apply for scholarship: Sunday, March 6.