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IASPIS Open Studios Autumn 2022

October 11, 2022 1–9pm

13 artists and duos from five continents contribute installations, drawings, pictures, designs, films, sculptures, performances, and much more for this edition of IASPIS’ hallmark event. Along with the Stockholm award recipients, grant recipients from Umeå and Göteborg as well as the International Dance Program will participate in a particular way.

Oona Nelson, Weronika Bela & Ivar Hagren, Kemang Wa Lehulere, Dunne & Raby, Rahel Shawl, Isshaq Albarbary, Catherine Anyango Grünewald, Sara Kaaman, Jenny Magnusson, Geoff Robinson, Funduk (Matteo Locci & Başak Tuna), Ángel Manuel Ramírez Roque and Mona Namér give us an insight into their ongoing processes.

There is no attempt to combine all the methods discussed here into a single, all-encompassing issue because it is not possible. Instead, it is the uniqueness of each artist and creative team that makes Open Studios a dynamic illustration of the diversity found in both the Swedish and global contemporary art sectors.

Coordinated by Victoria McCarthy
Graphic design by Evelina Mohei

Participating artists

Grant holders in Stockholm
Oona Nelson (US)
Weronika Bela & Ivar Hagren (Sweden)
Kemang Wa Lehulere (South Africa)
Dunne & Raby (UK)
Rahel Shawl (Ethiopia)
Isshaq Albarbary (Palestine)
Catherine Anyango Grünewald (Kenya/Sweden)
Sara Kaaman (Sweden)
Jenny Magnusson (Sweden)

Grant holder in Göteborg
Ángel Manuel Ramírez Roque (Cuba)

Grant holders in Umeå
Geoff Robinson (Australia)
Funduk: Matteo Locci (Italy) & Başak Tuna (Turkey/Italy)

International Dance Programme
Mona Namér (Sweden)

Public programme

Doors open

Welcome address by Mika Romanus, Director General, the Swedish Arts Grants Committee (Foyer)

Mona Namér: Screening (Dance Studio)

Ángel Manuel Ramírez Roque: Presentation (Residency kitchen)

Mona Namér: Screening (Dance Studio)

Kemang Wa Lehulere: Performance, in collaboration with Lefifi Tladi (Foyer)

Sara Kaaman: Informal talks (Studio 8)

Dunne & Raby: In conversation with Martín Ávila (Studio 4)

Weronika Bela & Ivar Hagren: In conversation with Yuvinka Medina (Studio 2)

Rahel Shawl: Informal talks and Ethiopian coffee ceremony (Studio 5)

Geoff Robinson: Sound performance (Foyer)

Mona Namér: Screening and presentation (Dance Studio)

Bar opens (Foyer)

Jenny Magnusson: In conversation with Anna Öberg and Magnus af Petersens (Studio 9)

Funduk: Performance (Archive)

DJ Karani (Foyer)

The studios are open 1–9pm. The public programme schedule might be subject to changes.

IASPIS is the International Program for Visual and Applied Arts of the Swedish Arts Grants Committee. Its goal is to promote creative growth and increase employment prospects through globalization. Its activities include public events, public residency programs, and various ways to connect artists, curators, and other professionals.

The Swedish Arts Grants Committee
Maria Skolgata 83
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