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Goldsmiths CCA presents upcoming summer/autumn 2022 exhibitions

Hadi Fallahpisheh: As Free As Birds
August 13–September 18, 2022

Hadi Fallahpisheh’s debut institutional solo exhibition in Europe is on display at Goldsmiths CCA. Through the use of several media, including painting, photography, ceramics, sculpture, performance, and installation, Fallahpisheh creates a story that is a combination of allegory and fable. A recurring ensemble of a person, a mouse, a cat, and a dog create a quasi-family unit that occasionally evokes familial nostalgia but frequently devolves into captivity and violence, raising issues of conflict, fear, and belonging.

The exhibition, which spans all four of the CCA’s upper galleries, is focused on the idea of freedom—its associations, safeguards, and limitations. The exhibition experience is disrupted by life-size cages, which keep visitors away from Fallahpisheh’s ceramics, photographs, and paintings and emphasize that freedom is always a contradictory stance that depends on the imprisoned or unprotected status of others. The question of how nostalgia might blur the lines between memory and imagination is raised by recurring plush animals, which are frequently in various stages of misery.

The opening and closing of the show will feature a brand-new, choreographed performance named House Animals. The cat, mouse, and dog figures from Fallahpisheh will be performed by dancers, with a nod to Merce Cunningham.

We really appreciate Andrew Kreps Gallery, Efremidis, and Rodeo’s kind contributions to the exhibition.

Trevor Mathison: From Signal to Decay: Volume 1
August 13–September 18, 2022

Trevor Mathison, a composer, artist, and sound designer, has a solo show at Goldsmiths CCA. His first solo exhibition in a UK institution, From Signal to Decay: Volume 1, features an extensive sound installation along with a display of drawings, videos, and live performances.

Mathison has conducted a sound exploration of the CCA building in the months before to this exhibition, creating multiple recordings using an Ambisonic microphone. In the first basement gallery, these samples are played back at random intervals, echoing with the building’s structure and offering a steady signal with which the sound pieces in other gallery spaces might interact and collide. In Mathison’s sound installation, the structure is played back to itself, taking advantage of its open and porous design to combine various sounds into a multi-layered symphony.

This show includes graphic and collage-based works that span 40 years, from the early 1980s until 2022. His compositions combine several issues and concepts into intricate diagrams or scores that are sometimes preparatory and other times for made-up sound works. Drawings for sound installations and various video works are displayed next to these pieces. This show will present a fresh viewpoint on Mathison’s innovative sonic technique and his evolving views on sound installation and composition.

A vinyl release of Mathison’s music with purge will end the show.

From Signal to Decay: Volume 2 is the second event in this continuing research endeavor. It occurs at time xxx.

Curated by Appau Jnr Boakye-Yiadom and Oliver Fuke.

We are very grateful to The Elephant Trust for their generous support towards the show.

Cinzia Ruggeri: Cinzia says…
October 8, 2022–15 January, 2023

The first comprehensive exhibition of fashion designer and artist Cinzia Ruggeri (1942–2019), a singular representative of Italian postmodernism who freely crossed boundaries between media, is titled Cinzia says. Her urge to reimagine the shape and purpose of components of daily life guided her multifaceted career. Ruggeri created worlds that were consistently innovative, provocative, elegant, and unpredictable, including goods like apparel, accessories, furniture, and lighting as well as sculptural pieces that frequently included these items. Her pieces frequently questioned how the body might occupy space and stood between between performance and architecture.

This exhibition is a collaboration between Goldsmiths CCA and MACRO, Rome.

Episode 9: Ebun Sodipo
November 18, 2022–15 January, 2023

Ebun Sodipo will intervene in Black feminist historiography through installation, sound, and text through an extended exhibition and public program of newly commissioned work. Her work will examine the Atlantic and the sea in relation to Black trans femininity and history and will also explore how Black trans historical presence might change both present and future conceptions of Blackness.

Goldsmiths Centre for Contemporary Art
St James’s
London SE14 6AD
United Kingdom