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Gagosian presents Urs Fischer: CHAOS #1– #501

August 20–October 29, 2022

With images, you can be part of anything. You can communicate with any point in history.
—Urs Fischer

From August 20 to October 29, 2022, Gagosian will return to the Marciano Art Foundation with an exhibition of one-of-a-kind digital sculptures by Urs Fischer from the series CHAOS #1–#501 that have been assembled into a collection of short-form videos. The series’ works—for which MakersPlace is the technical partner—will be seen for the first time offline. Additionally, a program of “swap meets” and indoor musical performances will be provided throughout the course of the exhibition.

In a radically diverse body of work, Fischer explores the potential of materials, such as dirt, bread, and vegetables, as well as clay, steel, and paint, to create an uncanny, frightening “collision of things.” His sculptures, paintings, photographs, and installations engage in an off-kilter witticism that explores topics of perception and representation through size distortions and the remaking of everyday items and images through technology intervention. Fischer welcomes metamorphosis and decay, frequently invoking historical genres and ideas, and creates art that lives in a place between the real and the imaginary.

Five hundred distinct digital sculptures are on display in Los Angeles as three distinct sequences of one- to three-minute films on three enormous suspended displays. While each sculpture depicts a pair of convergent objects in relative scale to one another, they also preserve a continuous relationship with one another despite being in perpetual motion. Fischer’s selections are all manufactured items that underwent 3-D scanning to take on their current appearance.

In addition to being projected in the gallery, the sculptures reside on the blockchain as unique, documented entities. According to Fischer, a “visualization” of one of the digital sculptures can manifest “in any format that is capable of displaying, playing, or showing a digital sculpture in motion. They will exist in any space, be it virtual, real, or a fusion of the two, now and forever, through current and future technology.”

The gallery has seating made from found objects, creating a welcoming atmosphere for guests. Some of the sculptures’ original materials are on exhibit in vitrines in the foyer, allowing visitors to see how the objects transform from analog to virtual. With a schedule of weekend events, Fischer has also brought the Marciano Art Foundation’s space to life. These include specially commissioned musical performances indoors by regional artists like Pete Drungle, who will play the piano on August 20 from 12 to 6 p.m. The “swap meets” that artist Rob Pruitt will organize will allow guests to trade one item for another, echoing the process of object matching that is shown in the sculptures. CHAOS #501, a new piece encompassing all the digital sculptures from the series, will be on display in Fischer’s upcoming exhibition at Gagosian New York in September. The exhibition will also include a brief film describing the idea and creation of the works.

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