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Presenting four new schools by Savannah College of Art and Design (SCAD)

With the establishment of four schools—the School of Creative Technology, School of Animation and Motion, School of Film and Acting, and School of Visual Communication—Savannah College of Art and Design (SCAD) promotes creative education once more. The university’s international position as the leading repository of information for all creative professions is furthered by the establishment of these four cutting-edge schools. This academic shift, together with SCAD’s recently launched De Sole School of Business Innovation, highlights the university’s dedication to empowering students to actively embrace emerging technologies and STEM fields as they work to lead businesses, brands, and studios. Within ten months of graduation, 99 percent of SCAD alumni have been employed, enrolled in further education, or both over the previous five years.

“SCAD continually evolves because change defines global business,” said SCAD president and founder Paula Wallace. “Our brilliance never rests. SCAD offers degree programs today that didn’t even exist before SCAD invented them! Radically trailblazing courses of study like immersive reality and themed entertainment belong in a class all their own, which is why I’m proud to announce the creation of the SCAD School of Creative Technology, a Shangri-La for STEM students worldwide, along with the newly formed School of Animation and Motion, School of Film and Acting, and School of Visual Communication. The future lives at SCAD, right here, right now.”

Immersive reality, interactive design and game development, and themed entertainment design are just a few of the top-rated and cutting-edge degree programs offered by the brand-new SCAD School of Creative Technology. The institution fosters students’ development as architects of the imagination at the nexus of technology, experience, and entertainment by fusing technical proficiency with aesthetic sensibility. SCAD School of Creative Technology will shape the future professionals who will employ technology to alter the human experience in everything from mobile games to theme parks, hospitality to healthcare, and branded marketing campaigns to online and in-person shopping.

In order to build a powerhouse of digital creative production, talent, and cutting-edge technology, the SCAD School of Animation and Motion brings together the university’s top-ranked animation, motion media design, and visual effects programs. The work of SCAD animators, visual effects artists, and motion media designers will continue to capture audiences’ imaginations in blockbuster cartoons, fan favorites that are visual effects marvels, title sequences, promos, and multiplatform ad campaigns.

With the SCAD Casting Office, SCAD’s brand-new movie backlot in Savannah, and mixed reality (XR) stages in Savannah and Atlanta, the SCAD School of Film and Acting offers students access to the most complete university film studio in the world. Students are invited to take control of roles on stage and behind the scenes with featured degree programs in film and television, performing arts, production design, and sound design. A thorough production schedule prepares students for professions in television, cinema, live theater, dramatic series, advertising, music videos, and more.

The illustration, photography, and sequential art programs at the university are all under the purview of SCAD School of Visual Communication. With the help of this new structure, fundamental studio disciplines that rely on visual tools and methods for storytelling, communication, and artistic expression will receive strategic priority. Students will gain the ability to transform a variety of emotions into real-world images and patterns.

The recent examples of SCAD’s student-focused, employer-informed, and research-based approach to curriculum development are the creation of new schools and the strategic alignment of these programs of study. SCAD has taken the lead in the development of numerous programs, providing the first degrees in the world in design for sustainability, luxury and brand management, service design, and user experience (UX) design, among other fields that catapult graduates to the pinnacle of these varied professions.

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