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Exhibition program 2023 at KRONE COURONNE

Program 2023

KRONE COURONNE has announced its exhibition schedule for 2023.

January 20–March 11, 2023
A Drop Meant To Become A Stalactite, But Fell On The Seeker’s Torch.
Linus Baumeler 

The first show of 2023 features Biel-based artist Linus Baumeler, who is inspired by cave semiotics. The cave, at times abstract, playful, or mysterious, symbolizes a supposedly endless site of origin, but it also conveys both shelter and dread. Linus Baumeler asks Elischa Heller, Cyril Tyrone Hübscher, and Lino Meister to contribute sound, sculpture, and sensory works to the venue.

March 24–April 22, 2023
Motion: When Flowers Are Kneeling 
Jerlyn Heinzen

Jerlyn Heinzen focuses on the heritage of Asian migrant groups in the inaugural Motion, a new and shorter format that allows for performative and collaborative research-based initiatives. Following a five-month study trip through the United States in 2022, the artist created a new body of work comprised of a series of enormous ceramic puzzles set to a pop music, reflecting on life’s adventures, stigmata, and recollections.

June 9–July 29, 2023
The Gleaners 
Bastien Aubry, Hannah Külling, Sophie Jung, Sveta Mordovskaya, Selma Selman

Agnès Varda investigates the act of “gleaning” and broadens its interpretation in her 2000 film The Gleaners and I. Gleaning, as an act of transformation and subversion, refers to an alternative distribution and supply system—an economy founded on the undesired and discarded. So, in today’s environment of increased production and leftovers, what does gleaning imply? The exhibition examines how artists employ the art of gleaning to renegotiate value systems, allowing for spontaneous assemblages and recurrent stories to emerge.

July 6–8, 2023
Another Map to Nevada: Biel/Bienne
The Performance Agency

Another Map to Nevada is a trademark project of The Performance Agency and a performative boat voyage across the city’s urban fabric. In the summer of 2023, a new iteration of the project will take place on the lakes and rivers of Biel/Bienne and Neuchâtel in conjunction with KRONE COURONNE. Visitors sit on the boat’s deck for three evenings, accompanied by narratives that take them on an extraordinary voyage in which the landscape becomes the stage.

August 1–27, 2023
Motion: Sweet Crip Queer Time and Space
Proposed by Lari Medawar

Crip Sweet Crip Queer Time and Location is envisioned as a space that sheds light on how handicapped and neurodivergent people experience love, pleasure, time, and place. These exchanges try to grasp the stakes of queer and disability studies in the realm of art and culture.

September 8–October 21, 2023
Carte Blanche
Leolie Greet

Leolie Greet, a Biel-based artist, plans to create a series of new sculptural interventions for this commission. The artist’s polymorphic installation, conceived as a spatial narrative, results in traces and fragments, implying the passage of an invisible character who guides the public in its fiction.

KRONE COURONNE is a contemporary art centre in Biel/Bienne founded in 2021 under the direction of curators Kristina Grigorjeva and Camille Regli.

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