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Anita Witek at the Lentos Kunstmuseum Linz

January 27–April 16, 2023

The Lentos Kunstmuseum presents Unforeseeable Occurrences by Anita Witek from January 27 to April 16, 2023.

Anita Witek’s artistic output is centered on our visual habits and the reality of images and texts emerging in the mass media, which she investigates through the medium of photography.

The artist is fascinated by the specific information that images record in addition to their principal subjects, which she uses as material for her collages. Her works reveal the originals’ latent aesthetic and ideological contents and transform them into the topic of independent associative stories expressed through images.

The Lentos is exhibiting Anita Witek’s most recent works, which were created in the aftermath of the epidemic and the resulting feeling of social upheaval. To that purpose, she worked with images from historical periodicals presenting probable future visions from the past. She creates titles for her works that are rooted in the present by using terms that represent the zeitgeist and are influenced by research into social media. These are not just descriptions, but rather potential interventions in the image for Witek, in which the contents and “truths” of the original image are blended with false tales.

Anita Witek is showing a large installation in which she invites guests to connect with Unforeseeable Occurrences through two portals.

Hemma Schmutz is the curator.

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