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Tomislav Gotovac: Beyond Boundaries at Museum of Contemporary Art Zagreb

Zagreb Exhibition Explores Provocative Multimedia Artist's Legacy

Tomislav Gotovac a.k.a. Antonio G. Lauer
Ascending Descending Genealogy
February 9–May 19, 2024

Tomislav Gotovac (1937–2010), a multimedia artist known for his provocative art interventions and performances, is the subject of a captivating exhibition at the Zagreb Museum of Contemporary Art. Curated by Pierre Bal-Blanc, the exhibition delves into Gotovac’s unique artistic journey, showcasing his photographs, movie projections, and performance accessories.

The exhibition is structured around five conceptual parts, interconnected by a sequence of associations. It presents Gotovac’s work as a blend of performance art, cinema, and social commentary. The artist’s exploration of identity, gender, and the boundaries of artistic expression is a central theme throughout the exhibition.

Gotovac’s practice of “Cinema by Other Means” is highlighted, emphasizing his innovative approach to filmmaking and his use of unconventional methods to convey artistic messages. The exhibition also includes screenings of Gotovac’s films and works by Croatian and international artists influenced by his experimental oeuvre.

The exhibition draws heavily from the collection of Gotovac’s daughter, Sarah Gotovac, and the Tomislav Gotovac Institute. Additionally, the Museum of Contemporary Art’s own collection of Gotovac’s works from various phases of his career is showcased.

To complement the exhibition, a printed publication featuring texts by Pierre Bal-Blanc, Vesna Meštrić, and Darko Šimičić will be available.

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