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Remai Modern presents Tino Sehgal

July 16–September 4, 2022

This summer in Saskatoon, Remai Modern presents a cross-section of works by internationally acclaimed artist Tino Sehgal.

The three pieces This Situation (solo), Yet untitled, and This Success/This Failure from Remai Modern cover the range of Sehgal’s artistic output. In the museum’s atrium and Connect Gallery, the artist has also chosen a number of sculptures from Remai Modern’s collection.

Sehgal has produced a renowned body of work over the past 20 years that transforms visiting a museum into an interaction centered on dialogue, ideas, and interpersonal connections. His creations are produced by a choreography involving numerous individuals and connections that moves toward an embodied and communal experience.

“As we emerge from an extended period of isolation into a moment of upheaval and uncertainty, many feel anxious and overwhelmed, with our social experiences frequently being virtual, disembodied and passive. Live art offers a moment to slow down, to re-engage with the body and connect with people and ideas,” said Troy Gronsdahl, Curator of Performance and Public Practice.

The artist’s work is being shown for the first time in western Canada at this time. From July 16 through September 4, the exhibition is open for viewing.

In North America, Tino Sehgal is represented by Marian Goodman Gallery.

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