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Scholarship applications for spring/summer 2023 at The New Centre for Research & Practice

Application deadline: February 20, 2023

Scholarship applications for certificate programs at The New Centre for Research & Practice are now being accepted from January 16 through February 20.

Applications should include a writing sample and a cover letter highlighting your academic interests and explaining why you require financial assistance. Applicants from the Global South will automatically be evaluated for half of the available scholarships. Half of our full scholarship recipients are from the Global South, while the other half are female.

Last year, the Centre provided assistance to Ukrainian candidates. This season, it is awarding two full scholarships to Iranian candidates, one female and one male, financed through a GoFundMe effort, to support the ongoing struggle of women and youth against the Islamic regime in Iran.

In the past season, Centre’s Programs explored the works of thinkers like Vilem Flusser, Gilles Deleuze, Bernard Stiegler, and Gilbert Simondon. This season will feature seminars on George Bataille, Hegel, David Hume, Kant, Pierre Klossowski, and Plato. The New Centre’s upcoming spring/summer 2023 season will feature seminars by Franziska Aigner, J.-P. Caron, Ed Keller & Carla Leitão, Lindsay Lerman, Anna Longo, Vali Mahlouji, Cecile Malaspina, Jason Mohaghegh, Reza Negarestani, Will Scarlett, Daniel Sacilotto, Kazys Varnelis, Peter Wolfendale, and Mi You. For more information on offerings, please visit seminars page.

This season, the Centre also provides a Practical Writing Workshop. Designed by Ross McElwain and Shionna Tregaskis, this course focuses fully on strategies and procedures for creating theory, fiction, and theory-fiction, culminating in the publication of works by guest speakers and enrolled participants.

In February, Centre will collaborate with artist Daniel Young and author Michael Turner to host six weekly seminars titled And Your Bird Can Sing: Theatre of the Algorithm and the After-Image of Social Media, with the goal of exploring the relationship between social media and cinema in order to create an experimental film. Hossein Derakhshan, Ganaele Langlois, Reza Negarestani, Mohammad Salemy, and Mi You are among the guests. The Canada Council for the Arts has graciously supported this initiative.

Centre’s partnership with Richmond Art Gallery on Incredible Machines 2022: Model is The Message is resulting in a book to be published this spring, featuring contributions from Franziska Aigner, Julieta Aranda, Elie Ayache, Xenia Benivolski, Benjamin Bratton, Jean-Pierre Caron, AA Cavia, Valentin Golev, Ed Keller, Katerina Kolozova, Anna Longo, Erica Love & Joao Enxuto, Vali Mahlouji, Cécile Malaspina, Ross McElwain & Jay Springett, Jason Mohaghegh, Romulo Moraes, Reza Negarestani, Mohammad Salemy, Rodolfo Sousa Ortega, Artemis Papachristou, Judy Radul, Patricia Reed, Cássia Siqueira, Stephanie Wakefield, Mi You, and Daniel Young.

After a pandemic-related delay, Centre will finally release a first-time English translation of François Laruelle’s Phenomenon & Difference by Lindsay Lerman in March. This Season, Lerman will also be teaching a Seminar titled Nonknowledge: Introduction to Open Economies of Knowledge.