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Online courses on contemporary curating from Zurich University of the Arts (ZHdK)

October 7, 2022–April 28, 2023

The Online Courses on Contemporary Curating are designed for anyone who works with cultural, curatorial, and artistic interventions and wants to deepen and broaden their understanding of culture, its function in society, and its capacity for change. They offer in-depth insights into specific areas of knowledge in curating. The courses aim to push the boundaries of art and promote a more thorough grasp of culture, art, and curating. All of the course instructors are very involved and active in their industries. In each course description, you may find additional information about them.

We support a learning environment where the students feel empowered. A workshop-like structure that seeks to be a place of encounter and open conversation, where direct involvement with the lecturer and other participants is feasible and welcome, will occasionally be available in addition to the knowledgeable contributions made by the lecturers.

Every online course has two Saturdays from 2 to 6 PM CET scheduled. The classes are delivered live over Zoom and include a significant amount of lecturer interaction, workshops that students can participate in individually or in groups, discussions, feedback, and evaluation. A Certificate of Completion is awarded and each Online Course is given one ECTS point. The Zurich University of the Arts’ Center for Continuing Education is in charge of teaching the courses.

New courses on offer:
Public and Private Funding of International Non-Profit Contemporary Art
Lecturer: Shwetal Patel
Course dates: Oct 15 & Oct 22, 2022, 2–6pm (CEST)

Curating Performance and Performativity as Curatorial Method
Course leader: Sarah Spies
Course dates: Nov 5 & Nov 19, 2022, 2–6pm (CET)

Towards non-extractivist curating – Epistemologies of the South and curatorial practice
Lecturer: Jose Caceres
Course dates: Nov 26 & Dec 3, 2022, 2–6pm (CET)

Curating to Speak the Unknown
Lecturer: Antonio Cataldo
Course dates: Jan 7 & Jan 14, 2023, 2–6pm (CET)

Joining the Conversation: The Nuts and Bolts of Academic Writing
Lecturer: Stephanie Carwin
Course dates: Jan 28 & Feb 4 2023, 2–6pm (CET)

Curating and Money
Lecturer: Martin Fritz
Course dates: Feb 18 & Feb 25, 2023, 2–6pm (CET)

The Three P’s: Participatory, Performative, and Political Practices
Lecturer: Maayan Sheleff
Course dates: Mar 11 & Mar 18, 2023, 2–6pm (CET)

Curating (short) Film
Lecturer: Laura Walde
Course dates: Apr 1 & Apr 15, 2023, 2–6pm (CEST) (Easter holiday in between)

Environmental Thinking in Artistic and Curatorial Practices
Lecturer: Emanuele Guidi
Course dates: Apr 29 & May 6, 2023, 2–6pm (CEST)

You can also find detailed information for all courses here.

Collaborations with Postgraduate Programme in Curating, publication platform Oncurating.orgPhD in Practice in Curating, Practice-Based Doctoral Programme, University of Reading.

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