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Call for applications 2022–23: PhD programs at School of Arts, Porto

Next round application deadline: July 3
Last round application deadline: September 30

Located in Porto, the School of Arts at Universidade Católica Portuguesa (SoA) offers graduate and undergraduate courses in Film, Music, Sound, Photography, New Media, Heritage, and Conservation. SoA is now taking applications for its worldwide master’s and doctoral programs, as well as the rest of its academic offerings.

Artists in residence (including Matas Pieiro, Ben Russel, Ana Vaz, and Salomé Lamas), a cycle of conferences with special guests (including Salomé Voegelin, Tarek Atoui, and Warren Neidich), and a periodic calendar of exhibitions at the School’s exhibition space (including Francisco Tropa, Salomé Lamas, Nuno da Luz, Julio Sarmento, and Filipa César, among others) make up the SoA The next exhibition will be by Ana Vaz, with a debut date of July 4th, 2022, and will be part of the Porto Summer School on Art and Cinema.

PhD in Science, Technology and Arts

The PhD in Science, Technology, and the Arts was created with the purpose of creating a study program in which artists, scientists, and researchers from various fields can collaborate to conduct multidisciplinary research in the field of artistic practices. The intellectual, creative, and technological aspects of the artistic process, as well as its relationship to the fundamental humanities and social sciences, are all explored in this curriculum. In addition to the courses given, PhD researchers are free to attend any course offered at the SoA in order to gain practical and technical skills necessary for their doctoral study.

Research projects can take advantage of the SoA’ facilities, equipment and laboratorial infrastructure.

Enrolled researchers are encouraged to undertake some of the following seminars: Art, Culture and Society / Cinema / Procedural Art / Sonic Arts / Science, Technology and Art / Animation / Human-Machine Interfaces / Contemporary Music / Curatorial Research / Moving Image / Digital fabrication / Instrument Design / Art criticism and critical studies / Digital restoration / Artificial Intelligence / Performance.

For more information please contact the PhD coordinator: [email protected].

PhD in Conservation and Restoration of Cultural Heritage
The PhD in Conservation and Restoration of Cultural Heritage was created with the goal of promoting studies in higher academic level in Conservation and Restoration Studies for conservators-restorers, Fine Arts specialists, architects, civil engineers, archeologists, art historians, digital humanities experts and other heritage sciences professionals.

Answering to present challenges in the area, a broadband curricular program was established in order to promote interdisciplinary and cross-cutting research.

Some of the topics covered are: Material and Technical Studies of Art and Cultural Property / Issues related with Conservation-Restoration practice / Theory and Epistemology of Restoration/ New Paradigms and trends in Conservation / Preventive Conservation and Management of Cultural Heritage / Green Conservation / Sustainable Conservation strategies / Conservation and Restoration in the Post Digital Era.

For the accomplishment of this PhD the SoA counts with several laboratories and workshops, as well as with relevant national and international partnerships.

For more information please contact the PhD coordinator: [email protected].

International master programs
The Master in Cinema is an advanced training in contemporary cinema, allowing students to develop their creative and technical skills based in individual projects in coordination with the SoA professors, visiting artists and filmmakers.
The Master in Sound and Image—New Media Art track promotes creative innovation across various artistic practices in thorough discussion between professor and student, as well as tutorial guidance by visiting artists.
The Master in Management for the Creative Industries promotes the development of creativity oriented interdisciplinary skills, combining cultural, arts, entrepreneurial and business skills.

Funding and grants
Candidates in 2022/23 can apply to a PhD scholarship granted by Universidade Católica Portuguesa. As a PhD student you can apply for an individual PhD Studentship from FCT. Additionally, the School of Arts has three distinct research centers: CITAR (Research Center for Science and Technology of the Arts—evaluated as excellent by the FCT in 2019), CCD (Digital Creativity Center) and CCR (Conservation and Restoration Center), with ongoing projects and research grant opportunities.

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