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Alliances & Commonalities 2022 conference programme at Stockholm University of the Arts

October 20–22, 2022, 10am

Stockholm University of the Arts (SKH) is delighted to announce that the programme for Alliances & Commonalities 2022 is now released. SKH is proud to host the biannual Alliances & Commonalities conference. It is an integral part of our research environment and brings together individuals and groups who are interested in engaging with and linking with a growing international community of affiliated and independent artistic researchers.

Curatorial statement

In the wake of the previous two years, artists and academics are invited to describe how their artistic research is reassembling, responding, reconfiguring, and reconstituting in Alliances & Commonalities 2022. Artists and researchers are currently situating their activities in terms of who, what, where, when, why, and how. What changes? What broadcasts? Which matters?

We made the choice to have the 2022 conference entirely online because of the unpredictable nature of the virus and the dangers associated with asking individuals to share in-person social places as we were arranging this iteration. As a result, the researchers you meet will not only be actively investigating ways to communicate, interact with, and discuss artistic research in an entirely online context, but will also be sharing specific projects that are coming from a variety of artistic practices and disciplines.

A quick glance at the conference in 2022 reveals online investigations into archiving, diffractive storytelling, speculative fabulation, somatic practices, ecological praxis, more-than-human-ness, practices of caring, crafting, walking, writing, and eating, as well as many other approaches to augmented reality. These investigations will congregate within our four profile areas: Concept and Composition, Bodily and Vocal Practices, Art, Technology, Materiality, and Site, Event, Encounter.

We are really anticipating sharing Alliances & Commonalities 2022 with you.

John-Paul Zaccarini, Professor of Performing Arts, Profile area Bodily and Vocal Practices / Rebecca Hilton, Professor of Choreography, Profile area Site, Event, Encounter / Kent Olofsson, Professor of Performing Arts, Profile area Concept and Composition / Ellen Røed, Professor of Film and Media, Profile area Art, Technology and Materiality / Sher Doruff, Visiting Professor for the Profile area Art, Technology and Materiality.

Questions for conference presenters
Each presenter was asked to choose and answer one of the questions below. You can read their answers via the link to their presentations.

What is most urgent in your research right now? How is the aftermath of Covid-19 affecting your questions, your methods, your dissemination modes, your practice, your research? How do your methods transition from in-real-life to the virtual realm and back again; what transforms, what transmits, what matters?

To read more, see the programme, and register visit here: Alliances & Commonalities conference platform.

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