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Protests Erupt at Museums in Solidarity with Palestine

Activists Condemn Museum Trustees' Ties to Israeli Occupation

NEW YORK – Hundreds of people gathered at the Museum of Modern Art (MoMA) and the Brooklyn Museum on Saturday to protest the ongoing conflict between Israel and Hamas.

Inside MoMA’s atrium, protestors unfurled banners calling for an end to the violence and accusing members of the museum’s board of trustees of supporting “genocide, apartheid, and settler colonialism.” They also handed out mock museum guides highlighting the board members’ ties to arms manufacturing, lobbying, and corporate investment in the Israeli occupation.

At the Brooklyn Museum, the protest was organized by Within Our Lifetime, a grassroots Palestinian-led community organization. Protestors there voiced their support for Palestinian liberation and condemned the museum’s acceptance of donations from individuals with links to the Israeli government.

The protests were organized by the Writers Against the War on Gaza and the New York chapter of the Palestinian Youth Movement. They are part of a broader movement of solidarity with Palestine that has gained momentum in recent years.