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AI-Powered Projections Transform Gaudí’s Casa Batlló into an Immersive Art Spectacle

Crespo's "Structures of Being" Unveiled at Integrated Systems Europe in Barcelona

Antoni Gaudí’s iconic Casa Batlló facade became a canvas for a dazzling display of artificial intelligence-powered projections, titled “Structures of Being,” by renowned artist Sofia Crespo. Over two nights, more than 95,000 visitors were captivated by the mesmerizing audiovisual show, which marked the opening of Integrated Systems Europe, the world’s largest audiovisuals trade fair.

Crespo’s vibrant and dynamic multimedia artistry brought the Casa Batlló facade to life, referencing plant foliage and sinuous, abstract textures. The projections perfectly complemented Gaudí’s renowned art nouveau architectural style, known for its organic and flowing forms. The show was accompanied by an evocative soundtrack featuring local performers, composed by British composer Robert M. Thomas and recorded at Palau de la Música Catalana.

In collaboration with the Barcelona Supercomputing Center, Crespo harnessed marine currents data and AI-assistance to generate bio-inspired projections, drawing inspiration from Casa Batlló’s marine motifs. Between showings, visitors were gifted with freely downloadable files of Crespo’s work through a projected QR code.

Crespo’s artistic exploration focuses on biotechnologies and the evolution of organic life through the lens of artificial intelligence. Her multimedia works have graced prestigious venues such as Kunstverein Hannover in Germany, Fotomuseum Winterthur in Switzerland, and Times Square in New York.

As the second artist-in-residence at Casa Batlló, Crespo’s “Structures of Being” marks the beginning of her forthcoming projects. The Heritage of Tomorrow program invites artists to create artworks inspired by Gaudí’s architectural masterpiece. Crespo’s playful and vibrant projection mapping seamlessly merges contemporary interest in AI and technology with Gaudí’s enduring legacy, reintroducing his surreal architecture to new audiences while captivating loyal fans.