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BIBLIOGRAPHY 3: Canadian Centre for Architecture at COMMERCE in Milan

September 6–October 1, 2022

CCA has been publishing books since before it had a building, and it has always viewed them as a method to support, advance, and consolidate our research as well as to express our opinions on the issues we believe architecture needs to solve immediately.

From September 6 to October 1, COMMERCE presents a collection of its publications used as curatorial resources by the organization. Photographs of six groups of objects from the CCA that remap the various sources, formats, and outputs of this thematic inquiry are included in the show, which is arranged around methodological questions underpinning the publication process and the themes that they address:

–What role can film have as a curatorial tool? How do we think through it?
–Should we privilege cure or care?
–What happens when ideas migrate?
–What does technology do for us?
–What is the environment? What comes after?
–How do we learn? How do we teach?

The third installment of the new COMMERCE series BIBLIOGRAPHY, which presents the editorial projects completed by artists, designers, photographers, researchers, writers, and institutions, is this exhibition.

CCA booklets offer information for archival research and may go along with our displays. We combine print, electronic, and internet publishing as interconnected parts of our overarching efforts to spark conversation in current architectural debates. Typically, we work with specialized independent publishers to create our publications, while occasionally we collaborate with other international cultural or academic institutions. We also publish on our own. Our books are available from our co-publishers as well as the CCA bookstore.

In addition to working with print media, CCA also publishes content in a variety of digital formats, such as e-publications, audio, and video documentaries. In addition to publishing in English and French, CCA is also doing more and more in Spanish, Portuguese, Italian, and Japanese. Its publications timeline contains a complete history of its publishing activity.

Its website serves as both a reference for ongoing and past actions and a publication initiative that makes our thinking available to readers worldwide. It confronts missed subjects from many viewpoints, offers new lines of inquiry, and makes new players and perspectives visible as a platform for contemporary conversation and an engine for study on architecture and the built environment.

Via Alessandro Tadino 30
20124 Milan
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