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View of katze und krieg. The re-enchantment of public space, Temporary Gallery—Centre for contemporary art, Cologne, 2022. Photo: Simon Vogel

Applied arts of gonzo: three new exhibitions at the CCA Temporary Gallery in Cologne

September 24–December 18, 2022 Artists: Les Arts Incohérents (Alphonse Allais, Mey-Sonier), Michael Craig-Martin, Tim Etchells, Stano Filko & Alex Mlynárčik, Tom Gould, Justyna Gryglewicz, Ramon Haze (Andreas Grahl & Holmer Feldman), Michał Hyjek & Piotr Sikora, Michał Gayer, Jan Hoeft, Krõõt Juurak, Magdalena Lazar, Flo Kasearu, katze und krieg, Martin Kippenberger, Szymon Kobylarz, Lo Lifes (Rack-Lo), Kud…

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Courtesy of Canadian Centre for Architecture.

BIBLIOGRAPHY 3: Canadian Centre for Architecture at COMMERCE in Milan

September 6–October 1, 2022 CCA has been publishing books since before it had a building, and it has always viewed them as a method to support, advance, and consolidate our research as well as to express our opinions on the issues we believe architecture needs to solve immediately. From September 6 to October 1, COMMERCE presents a…

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