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Launch of .able: a free image-based multiplatform journal

Launch of .able journal

.able journal reinvents the publication form by making research visually accessible.

How can we communicate practice-based research at the intersections of art, design, and science in ways that go beyond text? Traditional journal article procedures and formats are not always appropriate for research that investigates sensory and unique forms;.able is the product of this observation.

.able journal reinvents the publication form by making research visually accessible. .able journal, which is free and disseminated on a variety of platforms, media, and devices, including formats specifically designed for social networks, multiplies entrance points to study in the arts, design, and sciences for all. This method, which is centered on the visual, makes the words secondary, upending the customary balance of text and image. .able’s publication modalities utilize and circumvent current fragmented reading patterns, enabling for device migrations.

As a peer-reviewed journal,.able explores the possibilities of academic publication by going beyond the conventions of traditional text-centric publishing to investigate the various options and opportunities that multimedia and multiple platforms provide. From the design of sustainable fashion or bioluminescent micro-architecture to the dynamics of bacterial contamination or the exploration of deep sleep,.able combines academic excellence, artistic rigor, and accessibility focused on exploring contemporary sociopolitical and environmental issues in images and putting these challenges into perspective. The journal’s unconventional approach to publishing reinterprets the standard publishing procedure.

Created at the initiative of La Chaire Arts & Sciences of the École Polytechnique, the École des Arts Décoratifs – PSL, and the Fondation Daniel et Nina Carasso, the journal is published by Actar Publishers and supported by some thirty international academic partners, brought together to promote and publish innovative interdisciplinary research where sensitivity is at the foreground.