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Kunsthaus Baselland presents exhibition program 2023

2023 Program

Kunsthaus Baselland presents exhibiton program 2023.

Pia Fries
February 3–July 9, 2023
Opening: February 2, 6:30pm

Pia Fries has been unquestionably one of the most important international figures in the field of painting since the 1990s. She moved to Germany in the 1980s to study at the famed Kunstakademie Düsseldorf under Gerhard Richter, where she became one of his master students. She was born in 1955 in Beromünster, Switzerland. She has now produced a distinct body of work that explores the possibilities of painting and space through the inherent materiality of the medium. Pia Fries’ innovative, free, and open approach to painting has gained her numerous accolades and invitations to prestigious exhibitions, including the Venice Biennale, as well as appointments to multiple professorships. Along with pieces from the 1990s, the exhibition at Kunsthaus Baselland features her most recent works, which are being shown in Switzerland for the first time. They mark a new artistic high point for Pia Fries. A companion catalog is being prepared. Ines Goldbach is the exhibition’s curator.

Simone Holliger
February 3–July 9, 2023
Annual Exterior Project
February 3–December 31, 2023
Opening: February 2, 6:30pm

Simone Holliger, an award-winning, internationally active artist, has been working with carefully selected materials for several years. She builds sculptures that are many meters high and wide using an experimental, process-based approach. They develop in and with the environment around them. The objects, which are voluminous and compact while also permeable and light, play with our visual habits and challenge us to explore the solid and the void, the recto and the verso, the visible and the hidden. Born in 1986 and based in Basel, the artist considers, constructs, and forms space—its texture and tonal value, as well as the odors, temperatures, and people who inhabit it. Simone Holliger will have her largest institutional presentation in Basel to date at Kunsthaus Baselland. In addition to her solo display, she will design the Annual Exterior Project 2023. Ines Goldbach and Ines Tondar are co-curators of the exhibition.

Nature. Fields. Memory 
Monira Al Qadiri, Joan Jonas, Sigalit Landau, Maya Schweizer, and Hannah Weinberger
March 10–July 9, 2023
Opening: March 9, 6:30pm

This group show emphasizes on large-scale installations, notably video works that address nature, sound, memory, and participation. They enable the audience to have a unique experience and ultimately obtain a greater understanding of these topics by using a lyrical and immersive approach. Many of the works are focused with issues of sensitivity to natural settings, history, time, identity, and memory, as they relate to sound works and performative practices. Natural areas, such as oceans, lakes, and deserts, are seen as interfaces of individual and community actions. They serve as sources of observation in cinema, prose, and performance. The featured artists explore social and political realities as well as embedded histories and narratives through their perspective of these known or even inaccessible and secret locations and situations, creating very spectacular pictures and sound fields. These pieces will be presented in Switzerland for the first time. The exhibition will be complemented with performative evenings and concerts with artists such as René Pulfer as part of a series called Soundfields. Ines Goldbach and Käthe Walser co-curated the exhibition.

Publich Art @Freilager-Platz
#1: Appearing Rooms. Jeppe Heins Wasserpavillon in Basel 

May 26–September 3, 2023
Opening: May 25, 5pm
Location: Freilager-Platz

Publich Art @FREILAGER-PLATZ is an initiative by the FHNW Academy of Art and Design Basel (HGK; Claudia Perren, Director), House of Electronic Arts Basel (HEK; Sabine Himmelsbach, Director), Kunsthaus Baselland (KHBL; Ines Goldbach, Director), and Interessengemeinschaft Freilagerplatz (IG, Chairman Peter Driessen). It works toward the common goal of enlivening Freilagerplatz with alternating, publicly accessible art in order to boost tourist attractiveness and strengthen the area over time. The objective is to present many excellent artistic works each year, the impact of which will be felt in the cantons of Basel-City and Basel-Country, as well as far beyond. Jeppe Hein, an internationally recognized and socially conscious artist, will kick things off with his water feature Appearing Rooms. This will be the first time a fountain sculpture has been installed on the Freilager-Platz, inviting inhabitants in particular to stop by and enjoy their time there. Ines Goldbach, Kunsthaus Baselland, is in charge of #1.

Next Generation
Graduation exhibition
Bachelor and Master
Institute Art Gender Nature HGK FHNW in Basel

August 26–September 10, 2023
Opening: August 25

At Kunsthaus Baselland, about 50 graduate students will present their final work. This show, now in its eighth year, is the product of a thorough collaboration between the Institute Art Gender Nature (Chus Martnez) and Kunsthaus Baselland (Ines Goldbach), highlighting the two institutions’ and directors’ longtime, crucial collaboration. Curated by El Palomar—a collaborative founded in 2013 in Barcelona by Mariokissme (Mario Páez, Campillos, b. 1980, Málaga) and R. Marcos Mota (Rafa Marcos, b. 1988, Tarragona)—and Chus Martinez.

Performancepreis Schweiz
Prix Suisse de la Performance

Premio Svizzero della Performance
Swiss Performance Art Award 

Performances and Award Ceremony: September 23–24, 2023
Focus program: September 25–October 1, 2023

The Swiss Performance Art Award has actively supported this lively and diversified sector for many years. The yearly national competition provides an appropriate platform that attracts a large audience. Performances are staged over several days, judged by an expert jury, and awarded the Swiss Performance Art Award. This big event will be held over two days in 2023 at Kunsthaus Baselland. A one-week focus program will accompany it. This will give the participating artists the opportunity to play in front of a large audience. Ines Goldbach and Eva-Maria Knüsel curated the exhibition.

Chiara Bersani
From October 27, 2023
Opening: October 26, 6:30pm
Kunsthaus Baselland in cooperation with GAMeC, Bergamo

Deserters (Disertori) is a live installation by Chiara Bersani (1984), with which GAMeC won the 11th edition of the Italian Council: the program aimed at supporting Italian contemporary art around the world, promoted by the Italian Ministry of Culture’s Directorate-General for Contemporary Creativity. The artist addresses the broader issue of accessibility from an artistic standpoint centered in closeness and relationships in this piece, which consists of a performance for actors with mobility limitations and a huge sculptural space. The work will be created during the artist’s residency in Bergamo, which will culminate with a series of event days during which the public will be invited to attend the final rehearsals of the performance in preparation for its debut in the autumn at the Kunsthaus Baselland in Muttenz/Basel, Switzerland, which will host Bersani’s first solo exhibition in a European institution. Curated by GAMeC Director Lorenzo Giusti and Ines Goldbach.

Director/Curator: Ines Goldbach
Director’s Assistant: Martina Stähli
Communications, Publications and Assistant Curator: Ines Tondar
Organisation Office: Salome Tramèr
Education: Meret Glausen

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