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Cukrarna Gallery programme 2023 highlights

2023 Program

Cukrarna Gallery presents 2023 program.

Cukrarna Gallery has already established itself not only as a contemporary art gallery but also as a new urban nexus of art, culture, and social life in Ljubljana, having hosted over 80 events and six exhibition projects in the past year.

Large gallery spaces
The gallery’s 2023 schedule includes two big group shows, one international and one local, that will take up more than 10,000 square feet.

In April, we will open the exhibition Figuralics, which will feature a selection of works by over 25 artists. The show will run until the end of August.

In mid-September, Cukrarna Gallery, in partnership with the International Centre of Graphic Arts, will launch the 35th edition of the Ljubljana Biennial of Graphic Arts, which plays a particularly noteworthy role both locally and globally.

October 4–6, 2023: Indigo Festival
The 8th edition of the Indigo Festival, a forum for exhibiting contemporary currents in theory, design, music, visual art, and performance, exposes pertinent social issues and unites various stakeholders in the sphere of culture through collaboration and accessible principles.

Ground-floor gallery
With the conceptual notion of “one space—one artist—one project,” the Ground Floor Gallery’s program is dedicated to solo shows.

April 20–June 11, 2023: Sophie Thun
In the gallery space, the artist will display her multi-layered photographic interventions revolving around the construction of one’s own body, prompting issues about the complex relationships between the imaginary space of the image and the real space of the viewer.

June 22–September 10, 2023: Flaka Haliti
The artist’s works deal with political reflection and geopolitical preoccupations, focusing on issues such as territorial borders and jurisdictions, including national borders and alliances such as the United Nations and the European Union.

September 19–November 19, 2023: Saša Spačal
Saa Spaal Spaal uses biotechnological technologies to produce a physical experience of immersion as well as a philosophical feeling of connectivity and networking. The installation, which is made up of a droplet-shaped device filled with vials of dried tear germs, discusses vulnerability as a positive human attribute that allows us to connect with others.

Basement space
The Basement Space will host performances, concerts, sound events and exhibitions.

April 11–May 21, 2023Tao G. Vrhovec Sambolec
The exhibition is a comprehensive presentation of Sambolec’s ongoing artistic research project Reading Reading. The project engages with the activity of reading as a relation between spoken word as an event in time, and written word as an object in space.

June 8–10, 2023: Irena Z. Tomažin
The newly commissioned artwork by Tomažin explores repetition and patterning within traditional chants and folk dances in relation to contemporary singing and dance practices. The content of the performance will be based on the stories trapped within the walls of Cukrarna Gallery. 

June 22–August 15, 2023: Mark Požlep
The exhibition explores the economic, political, and cultural aspects of the construction of the Adriatic-Ionian Motorway. Požlep draws on history and current events to tell stories about different places and facts, and personalities from different social groups.

September 20, 2023: Manuel Rodriguez
Rodriguez’s performance Body on Paper reveals the body-space relationship as a sensitive topology that is given as experience, pointing to that place in between where the body manifests itself as a continuum with the world. 

October 19–December 3, 2023: Cally Spooner
As part of Deadtime, an opera developed over several years and presented in different stages, Spooner offers a set of new works commissioned by Cukrarna Gallery.

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