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Between Two Worlds at NoMuNoMu

April 15–July 31, 2022

NoMüNoMü presents Between Two Worlds, a collection of posters and prints by artists, activists, and collectives imagining a unified global anti-imperialist struggle, for our first exhibition in Baltimore. The exhibition includes works by the Black Panther Party’s Minister of Culture Emory Douglas, the party’s graphic artist Gayle “Asali” Dickson, and contemporary digital artists @Leftaesthetic, @Colorcollective, and Vivek Venkatraman, in addition to 22 posters from the Organization of Solidarity of the People of Asia, Africa, and Latin America (OSPAAAL). A selection of local plants and reading materials that provide background information on the movements and histories that influenced the works are displayed beside these pieces.

The artworks in this exhibition, which span the 1960s to the present, come to us from many historical eras and geographical locations. These pictures show the fight against a violent system that has only served to destroy the planet and cause death and oppression for people all around the world. We have all been given the chance to review how we operate within this system as we enter the third year of a pandemic that has plunged the widespread system of global capital into yet another catastrophe. Despite this painful respite, it is clear that the system will continue to ruthlessly dispose of human life and the earth’s precious resources even in the event of a historic catastrophe.Together, these artists illustrate plainly that only the people will decide the future of humanity through resistance and collective action.

About NoMüNoMü
is an intersectional arts organization. We work collaboratively with artists, activists, and grassroots organizations throughout Baltimore City and beyond to organize art events, resource share, and advocate for causes in-line with our values. For more information, please visit or email [email protected]. Gallery hours are Fridays 2–7pm, Saturday and Sundays 12–5pm, and by appointment. We are located at 709 N. Howard St. Baltimore, MD 21201.

709 N. Howard St.
Baltimore, Maryland 21201
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