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Symphony of Patience: John Cage’s As Slow As Possible Makes Historic Chord Change

Experimental composition spanning centuries reaches new milestone with its 16th chord change, captivating audiences with its glacial pace.

In a testament to patience and artistic endurance, John Cage’s groundbreaking composition As Slow As Possible has reached a significant milestone with its 16th chord change. This experimental work, which began in 2001 and is expected to conclude in 2640, is a testament to the power of time and the transformative nature of music.

Housed in a specially built organ at the Burchardi Church in Halberstadt, Germany, As Slow As Possible unfolds at an incredibly slow pace. Volunteers recently added another pipe to the mechanical organ, marking the latest change in the composition’s harmony. The next chord change is scheduled for August 5, 2026.

Cage, who passed away in 1992, left an indelible mark on the art world with his innovative and challenging compositions. His 1952 piece 4’33”, which calls for performers to remain silent for its duration, is considered a seminal work of experimental music.

As Slow As Possible has captivated audiences with its unique approach to time and sound. Attendees have booked tickets years in advance to witness this historic musical journey. The composition’s glacial pace invites contemplation and challenges conventional notions of musical performance.