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Signal presents Elin Alvemark and Jennifer Spångerud: What’s at Stake

Elin Alvemark, Jennifer Spångerud
What’s at Stake
September 23–November 27, 2022

Radio drama by Thomas Boutoux & Teddy Coste: November 7, 6pm

Gaming, the creative industries, and the relentless pursuit of profit maximization all relate to gambling. Signal is based in the historic Bilden cultural district, which is undergoing extensive renovations. While we are in a temporary location, we consider the continuous Massive-ization of our neighborhood and the places that are still available for artistic and cultural production in the city. Elin Alvemark and Jennifer Spngerud, two artists, have been invited to participate in this discussion with us.

An exhibition called What’s at Stake was born out of discussion with the forces of time that are all around us. Alvemark and Spngerud combine sculptural materials with antiquated forms through a collaborative working method that is motivated by problems of probability and has been inspired by straightforward inventions that build anticipation. Here, the urn, the clock, and the wheel of fortune serve as auxiliary symbols in response to prehistoric systems in which time and chance play equal roles in the pursuit of power, political influence, and financial gain. The tiny components, the gold grains, however, which are essential to a dynamic cityscape, are never able to be grasped by the mechanical clutching claw. Simply put, it is the incorrect tool for the job. How can we tell if the components of what we are building are crumbling? or whether a fact that is true today will still be true tomorrow?

The difficulty lies in preserving the unique characteristics that collectively make up the city’s spirit rather than in how we transform the city moving forward. The game of urban space seems to be in an endless circle given all the negative facts associated with urban development. The eternal question is “Why?”

November 7, 6pm
Maybe I’m not the person that I never wanted to be (revised edition, 2022. Malmö mix)—A radio drama by Thomas Boutoux and Teddy Coste

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