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SeMA, Buk-Seoul Museum of Art presents Artland by Do Ho Suh and Children

July 26, 2022–March 12, 2023

In association with the artist Do Ho Suh (born 1962 in Seoul, Korea), the Seoul Museum of Art is presenting an interactive exhibition that involves kids in the artistic process. Suh and his family have been using modeling clay for kids for the past seven years to build Artland, a magical ecosystem. The pandemic’s effects and the family’s isolation gave them the chance to think more seriously about the conversation Artland had initiated.

Artland is a platform that celebrates the distinct creative potential of a child’s intellect as well as an imaginative universe that can grow with the help of others. As a result of its unusual climate and soil, Artland is home to a wide variety of animal and plant species, which have different growth cycles and habitats than those found on Earth. Children are invited to add to the variety of alien species that might inhabit Artland and consider the potential of an alternate world by building on an already-existing foundation created by the artist and family, which incorporates recycled containers. There is colorful clay available for visitors to use to mould into various shapes and combine various colors. The new Artland islands will develop from specifically created modular tables that promote teamwork. A fly-through video of the family’s original Artland rendered in 3D will also be presented.

The Wonders of Artland, a workbook authored by Suh’s two children, will be given to the audience together with clay as a guide to an unexplored group of islands. Drawing exercises, an exhaustive list of the major species found in Artland, and an AR-animated pull-out poster are all included in this workbook.

Through this exhibition, the public is transformed from being passive observers into active makers who mold their own ideas and thoughts in cooperation with the artist’s family and other visitors. Since the coronavirus pandemic, people have begun to appreciate the joy of community more. The Artland initiative intends to establish a cultural event where people may congregate, reflect on their environmental obligations, and unleash their creative potential using everyday playthings. Artland wants to make a significant and long-lasting difference in our communities by offering kids the chance to express themselves and grow in confidence while doing so.

Do Ho Suh works in a variety of media, producing sculptures, films, and drawings that address issues related to individualism, collective identity, home, and physical space. Most notably, Suh is recognized for his scale-replica fabric sculptures of his former residences in Korea, Rhode Island, Berlin, London, and New York. Suh investigates how the body relates to, inhabits, and engages with space in both its literal and metaphorical manifestations. He is concerned in the malleability of space. Suh resides and is employed in London.

The exhibition Do Ho Suh and Children: Artland is kindly supported by: Iljin Culture Foundation; Robert Walters Korea

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