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Salzburger Kunstverein presents its summer program

This summer the Salzburger Kunstverein presents four exhibitions (Camille Henrot, Tina Hainschwang, Omer Fast, Megan Rooney) and our outdoor film festival, Sunset Kino.

Summer dates overview
July 27, 9pm: Sunset Kino, curated by Camille Henrot
July 29, 7pm: Exhibition openings and Sunset Kino: Camille Henrot
August 3, 9pm: Sunset Kino, curated by Ángela Bonadies; Summer Party
August 10, 9pm: Sunset Kino, film by Ruth Beckermann
August 17, 9pm: Sunset Kino, curated by Tom Engels

Summer exhibitions
Great Hall
Camille Henrot: Mother Tongue
July 29–October 2
Opening, artist talk and screenings of films: Friday, July 29, 7pm
The works in Camille Henrot’s exhibition Mother Tongue are inspired by the human developmental need for attachment and separation, the mouth as a site of both expression and consumption, and related connections to the preverbal. This exhibition is the second iteration of a presentation first conceived at Kestner Gesellschaft in 2021, with scenography by Charlap Hyman & Herrero. Camille Henrot was awarded the Silver Lion at the Venice Biennale in 2013 for her film Grosse Fatigue, as well as the Carte Blanche at Palais de Tokyo in Paris in 2017, resulting in her monumental exhibition Days are Dogs. The exhibition is accompanied by a publication co-produced with the Kestner Gesellschaft. Camille Henrot will participate in Sunset Kino twice this summer, with her curated program on Wednesday July 27, and on the opening night on Friday July 29 with selected films of her own.

Tina Hainschwang: Enclosed Garden
July 29–October 2
Opening: Friday, July 29, 8pm
In this exhibition, the intimate space of the gallery is transformed into a grotesque hortus conclusus: a sculpture garden in which distorted memories of Ovid’s Metamorphoses merge into representations of strange sensualities, the desire for transformation, and the longing for a whimsical paradise.

Ring Gallery
Omer Fast and Megan Rooney
In 2019, the Salzburger Kunstverein commissioned Omer Fast to make his astonishing film, Der oylem iz a goylem. From 2020 until 2025, we present a long-term installation of Omer Fast’s VR-film The Invisible Hand, based on the same fairy-tale. In 2020, Megan Rooney was commissioned to produce a large-scale mural throughout the corridors of our Ring Gallery.

Sunset Kino: Love and Its Remedies
July 27–August 17, 2022
Founded by Séamus Kealy, Sunset Kino is Austria’s only outdoor, avant-garde film program. This year’s theme “Love and Its Remedies” is a response to Camille Henrot’s summer exhibition.

Screening from the Inside
July 27, 9pm

Films programmed by Camille Henrot.
First presented on e-flux Video and Film as part of the Artist Cinema series.  

Films by Camille Henrot
July 29, 9pm
Programmed by Séamus Kealy, Director, Salzburger Kunstverein.

August 3, 9pm
A selection of films programmed by Ángela Bonadies.
Part of the Salzburg International Summer Academy of Fine Arts Public Programme.
Followed by our Summer Party.

Film by Ruth Beckermann
August 10, 9pm
Invited by Séamus Kealy, Director, Salzburger Kunstverein.

Anti-nuclear films by Sandra Lahire.
August 17, 9pm
Curated by Tom Engels, Director, Grazer Kunstverein.

About Salzburger Kunstverein
The Salzburger Kunstverein is a leading organisation for producing and exhibiting contemporary art. Founded in 1844, the Salzburger Kunstverein owns and is housed in the historic Künstlerhaus building, which includes exhibition areas and studios for artists and art initiatives. The Director of the Salzburger Kunstverein is Séamus Kealy.

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