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Open call: Yet, It Moves! at Copenhagen Contemporary

June 1, 2023–October 1

The biggest Scandinavian art award, the Bikuben Foundation’s Vision Exhibition Award, was given to Copenhagen Contemporary in 2021 for the winning project Yet, It Moves!, a visionary research project and public art exhibition in Copenhagen that explores the connected movements on various scales, from the microcosm to the macrocosm.

In connection with Yet, It Moves!, CC is now putting out an open call for proposals for two different types of contributions. This appeal is for artists, architects, designers, curators, landscape architects, and anyone else who is professionally involved in art or architecture in the public sphere.

With this invitation, we invite artists whose work has examined or is actively addressing topics linked to the intersection of art and science, just as we are interested in doing in Yet, It Moves!

You can find all the information on the Open Call here.

About Yet, It Moves!

Four scientific research partners are involved in the project’s execution: the Program in Performance Studies and ModLab (Digital Humanities Laboratory) at the University of California, Davis; DARK at the Niels Bohr Institute at the University of Copenhagen; The Interacting Minds Centre at the University of Aarhus; and the Arts at CERN in Geneva.

The project’s ground-breaking goals, approach, and artistic output all revolve around integrating the fields of interest that overlap between artists and scientists. hence starting new research through the exchange of various viewpoints and the exploration of pathways that incorporate various approaches and viewpoints. Due to the fact that Yet, It Moves! will live in the city and interact with people on a regular basis, it will take place as a series of decentralized art installations displayed at various locations throughout Copenhagen from May to October 2023. This will provide opportunities for people to experience contemporary art in new ways.

A city on the move

There are millions of simultaneous movements occurring in the cosmos, including nuclear fusion, neutrino motion, supernova explosions, and the ongoing expansion of the universe. From the largest to the smallest scales, movement is inexorable throughout the universe. Although the human brain has a hard time comprehending them, these movements happen whether or not we are aware of them. With this open call, we hope to illustrate how the city may be seen as a microcosm of several simultaneous movements and lives moving in various directions. People might not think about this on a regular basis, but this initiative wants to highlight it so that it can be meditated upon and left on the city.

The proposals will be accepted from July 1-September 1, 2022.
Deadline for submission: September 1, 2022, at midnight.
Proposals should be be sent through this link.

The winning proposal will be announced by the end of September 2022.

Jury committee
Mónica Bello, Curator and Head of Arts at CERN, Geneva
Irene Campolmi, Curator and Researcher of Yet, It Moves!
Joe Dumit, Professor at UC Davis and co-director of ModLab
Jannie Haagemann, Head of Exhibitions & Senior Curator at CC
Jens Hjort, Professor at DARK, Nils Bohr Institute, Copenhagen
Camilla van Deurs, City Architect in Copenhagen
Line Wium Olesen, Curator at CC

About CC

Copenhagen Contemporary (CC), the city’s newest art institution, has become a preeminent cultural player in just five years by exhibiting massive installations made by the biggest names in the art world. In addition to exhibiting works of outstanding quality, CC has worked diligently to develop the best infrastructure for organizing exhibitions and educational events on contemporary art for kids, teens, and adults. More than 4,000 square meters are devoted to exhibition space, guest amenities, and educational seminars, and CC has established a solid reputation as a top-tier, internationally recognized art center.

Copenhagen Contemporary
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Hours: Wednesday–Sunday 11am–6pm,
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